Webbing for lawn chairs is a great way to recycle those older aluminum folding chairs that have managed to work their way to the back of the garage, shed or basement, simply because the webbing wore out or worse yet broke while you were sitting on it.

You figured “one day” since the frames were perfectly good you will do something with them.  Some people macramé them or use other fabrics to make the slings to use in these chairs, but even though many styles of portable lawn chairs have come and gone since this old web one, they are still considered comfortable and worth keeping.


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You Can Still Purchase These Webbed Retro Chairs!

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These older styles of folding chairs always worked well for fitting in the trunks of cars and heading to the game or show.  You can now get all kinds of portable fabric chairs with their own carrying bag and more, but there is something about those older web ones that people still like. 

I know my parents don’t like the idea of “sinking” into those fold up fabric sling chairs, a
nd still carry around those older web folding aluminum framed chairs.

They were usually Ok for a season or two, but after a while that colourful webbing would fade and crack and then it was only a matter of time before someone sat on it and fell through!

But you can still get the lawn chair webbing replacement that will give those old chairs life again.  You used to see these webbing for lawn chairs, and other replacement kits in the hardware or outdoor patio stores, but many stores stopped carrying it when more portable and modern forms of outdoor seating came on the market.

But with many people still using their older aluminum folding web ones and more coming back on the market, replacement webbing kits have made a come back. 

You may be able to find some webbing and the kits in your local home improvement store or outdoor patio store, but you may find a better selection online at such sites as Amazon.  You can also find new aluminum web folding chairs if you wish to add to your collection online as well.

So, if you want to give your kids something to do this weekend, then go digging at the back of the garage, basement or shed, or even find some frames at garage sales, and then with these lawn chair webbing replacement kits, you can re-web them, and they will be as good as new!

These styles of web folding aluminum lawn chairs have become popular again as retro styling is “in” once again.  Plus they were not too bad on the comfort level either.  They were a great type of chair to sit in after using the pool or beach, as they had a plastic type coating on the webs which dried very quickly and was great to sit in if you were wet compared to the fabric ones out now.

So, if you are one of those people who happen to have a few of those aluminum frames in the basement somewhere, then you could be doing your part for recycling and getting them out again and making them as good as new once more with webbing for lawn chairs replacement kits.