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Because of my deep-rooted love for all types of music, Pandora is the first website to be mentioned, in my massive series of Info Barrel articles reviewing my favorite websites in cyberspace, simply because of the sheer value I incur from it. As a permanent fixture on my desktop, the Pandora website is always open on my computer screen, and never ceases to deliver high-quality results tailored just to me and my musical tastes and interests. This worldwide phenomenon represents 'internet' radio at its finest.

For those who have never heard of Pandora before, the genius behind this awesome platform is 100% dedicated to tailoring each individual song served to your unique, individual, musical interests. As a listener is intentionally left wondering what the next song to play will be, there is no doubt that there is a great degree of mystery that is truly unique and inherent to the architecture of this platform. Pandora couldn't do what it does without YOU, the listener, as it's database relies significantly on user generated feedback regarding the accuracy of each new song is played.

After reading a blog post about how the CEO of Pandora has continually struggled to gain, and maintain, funding for this outstanding idea, a grass-roots movement, of sorts, was formed in order to show him that he had the firm backing and support of many listeners worldwide. Hands-down, Pandora is one of my Favorite websites, and the ingenious idea that drives it is absolutely awesome and deserving of this recognition.

There are a variety of videos, on YouTube, that essentially explain how Pandora, the website, actually works. The creators of these YouTube videos navigate the Pandora website, and discuss the positive aspects of this awesome platform. All of the videos presented are relatively similar, so, you may not need to watch all of them in order to get a general idea of how their website works. One of the most viral YouTube videos is of Pandora's CEO, Tim Westergren, who manages to give a comprehensive "Behind-the-Scenes" explanation of how every detail of each song is analyzed (it's musical DNA) in order to serve you the best possible results.

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