the CrowdSPRING Community


The CrowdSPRING Community is a massive, inviting, community of global creatives, or graphic designers, who do an extraordinary job at capturing the vision of this website's users.

Its website interface is extremely easy to use, and, as such, has gained the attention of many small town businesses, to corporate executives, who are willing to shell out their price range in order to utilize the collective talents of 'crowds'.

Dependent upon how much one is willing to offer as a reward to their contest winner(s), the CrowdSPRING Community does offer a Full money back guarantee refund in the event that your particular project doesn't obtain at least 25 quality designs for you to choose from.


While I can find very few 'cons' related to this website, unfortunately, the idea of 'crowdsourcing', in general, has had its share of criticisms lately. For those who look to post a project, typically you can have these services at your very finger tips for prices well below industry standards.

Ultimately, any 'con' seems to be on the side of the creative graphic designer who may put out hours upon hours of their time designing a logo, only to find that their logo has not won the competition. This is a risk, however, that they assume, and, for this reason, many people/companies who post projects do tend to post multiple cash rewards in order to provide incentive for greater graphic designer involvement.

Full Review

Awhile ago, I stumbled upon an emerging idea called 'crowd sourcing'. Further exploration, and a ton of Google searches later, led me to quite a bit of information displaying both the negative (there are very few) and the positive (there are very many) criticisms of this dynamic concept. Of the many websites that I stumbled upon, the CrowdSPRING Community stood out and impressed me greatly.

CrowdSpring is essentially a massive worldwide community of 'creatives', or graphic designers, who are very talented and skilled: having refined their art and passion to the point where they derive a sheer amount of pleasure from competing and creating masterpieces for those who seek them. Although similar to other competitive-type websites, like 99 designs, immediate differences may be difficult to see, at least until one begins to interact with their website, and, possibly, posts a project to be tackled with utmost adherence to even the most minute details of your design vision.

With Pandora (refer to my Website Review #1) blasting from my speakers, CrowdSPRING is a community that I have visited daily, consistently, for the last year and 1/2 since its inception.Various YouTube videos are also available where the current CEO, Ross, speaks further about the idea behind CrowdSPRING. He does a better job at explaining it than I do.

A simple YouTube Video search will unveil a video of the CrowdSPRING Community's CEO and Founder, Ross Kimbarovsky, who details the basics behind this awesome platform. At the time of this video's creation, the CrowdSPRING Community, according Ross, represented over 130 countries worldwide, with over 8,500 graphic designers, who are ready and willing to bring your graphic design vision to reality.

The remaining videos presented feature Ross, as well, in a variety of different settings. In one of the YouTube videos, Ross makes a profound argument, to a room full of critics, while essentially selling his idea, and service. He goes on to make the case that the branding (i.e. LOGO Design) of a company is potentially one of the largest, most pressing, issue in a market devoured by thousands upon thousands of viable brands. Among the many positive aspects of this platform, the greatest, most convincing and compelling element that he brings up, is CrowdSPRING's ability to deliver an insane amount of "choices", regardless of what your graphic design project may be. To say that this company is fascinating is an understatement, in my honest opinion.

In Closing

By utilizing the inherent value of 'crowds', CrowdSPRING has emerged as a rather populated community that has gained the attention of many on a rather large scale. Whether you are a graphic designer that has gone there, seeking to engage in a little friendly competition, or if you have actively sought the re-branding of your company, visiting the CrowdSPRING Community everyday compels me to highly recommend this service to everyone I know.