Web Designers are in charge of designing the layout, visual appearance and usability of a website. Web designers must have knowledge about writing html code as well as knowing the ins and outs of Photoshop to make layouts and edit images.

Some of the requirements of a Web Designer are:

· The ability to communicate well with others to understand what exactly the customer wants on their site such as what the site is being used for, who the audience is, and the purpose of the site.

· Being able to understand and fix errors that may occur.

· Testing the site in different browsers and resolutions to make sure that the site works on every computer that wants to access it.

· Making sure that all the material on the site is accessible for everyone including people with disabilities.

· Understanding how to different codes and combining them into a site such as XHTML, HTML, CSS, Flash, Javascript.

There are some hardware requirements needed to be a superior web designer. There are also many extra hardware components that are optional but definitely worth getting. Of course a decent computer is necessary to start any web site. An example is a Pentium IV with 2GB of memory and running at 2.8GHz. On your computer you can show clients some ideas that you may have. A good monitor is crucial if you want to clearly and quickly view your layout and designs. If you can suggest to them your opinions, they can easily be able to let you know if they like the idea or not. This way you will know whether to keep the idea or change it. Windows Vista 64-bit is a good thing to have. You can test your pages on this system and it is higher than any other system so you will be able to get a better idea of how the site will look and function on other systems as well. Another good hardware component is a tablet. A tablet is a good tool for any Web Designer. It is easy to draw and make notes on an image with this than any other pointing device. Scanners are good for creating backgrounds with photos and images that are not on the Web. A good color printer is also an essential for a Web Designer to be able to print out brochures to show off their work. Another tool is a digital camera. It is a good tool if the client wants a picture of themselves, their bar, house, office, etc. A video camera may also be another extra tool to have. Sometimes the client may want to put a video of them talking about their services or giving an example of what they do. This is a good tool to use to upload quality videos. The client will definitely appreciate a higher quality video rather than one in a low quality.

Software that is required is an HTML editor, graphic programs, FTP software and one or more browsers. Adobe Creative Suite 3 is the latest and one of the highest ranked graphics program. This software includes all of Adobe design products: Dreamweaver, Photoshop extended, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign, and Acrobat. It also includes production products like AfterEffects, Premiere, Soundbooth and Encore.

The Internet and World Wide Web plays a huge role in Web Designing. Without Internet access you are unable to upload the pages and view the site. The Internet would be able to help me quickly look up codes that I may not remember, rather than looking in a book. With Internet access I can upload files that include photos, audio, html codes and more.

If the Web Site I will be creating is full of personal information it is very important to have a secure site. By doing this we can protect ourselves, our clients, and avoid hacking attacks. Most hackers will try to figure out what version of a web server you are using by submitting queries which to any unknowledgeable person accessing a computer will think is just an error. These queries are used to collect information that can be used to attack a system. By creating a error page you are able to prevent hackers from accessing data on your computer.

Mobile computing is a great extra tool to have as a professional Web Designer. You would be able to check your emails when you are on the go. By doing this you will be able to respond to your clients quicker, which in my opinion it is very important to stay connected with them. Although having internet on a cell phone is a bit pricey, the prices are expected to come down within the next two years so more people can afford it. These days more of the population has internet on their cell phone.