With the economy still sputtering, one wonders why more people don't repair expensive iPhones when they damage them. The strange decision iPhone many owners make, after breaking a $600 piece of electronic equipment, is to go buy a new one! A few of us know how easily repairable these iPhones are, in most circumstances. Even the iPhone user who knows a device can be fixed often decides that the expense of paying for a brand-new device is easier than the process of having one repaired. There are cracked digitizers, dead pixels, LCDs, and LEDs - it's no wonder customers are turned off. With iPhones and other electronics, most people haven't a clue what to choose from among a myriad of techie-sounding repairs. They just know it's broken and begin guessing.

To get customers to stop wasting both their money and the environment, XpressFix.com takes a unique approach with website design. With a one-of-a-kind "Online Diagnostic Tool", customers at XpressFix.com no longer have to guess among particular strange-sounding technical repairs. They simply launch the diagnostic, and are prompted to use check-boxes to diagnose their problem. Spencer Dalberth, co-owner of XpressFix explained "The layperson may not know if he or she needs a new digitizer, or even what a digitizer is. Most customers just know what appears broken on their iPhone or what symptoms they are experiencing. So, we look at the repair process through a customer's eyes, and we give the customer an interactive tool to figure out what repair is appropriate." XpressFix.com believes that by leaving out the guesswork in choosing among repairs, customers will not be frustrated or confused.

XpressFix.com builds upon the simplicity model by not piling on unnecessary options and up-sells, which can also be a bit confusing to some. The entire process from the diagnostic to the checkout is only three steps. There are only two very convenient, low-cost shipping options: Priority Mail and Fed-Ex Overnight. The shipping page actually defaults to the free shipping option, leaving the customer nothing to pay for but the repair itself. And the prices are among the most competitive in the iPhone repair industry.

If all of this isn't easy enough, there is a toll-free number staffed with professional technicians Monday through Saturday to answer any questions. Hopefully, this approach to iPhone and iPod repair will be the start of a trend. Most customers do not want to read about how wonderful a particular service is. The experience from the time the customer accesses the website to the time he or she gets their device back will speak for itself.