In search engine optimization Meta tags are vital elements in achieving good rankings in search engines. Meta tags provide comprehensive information about your website not only to the search engines but also to the visitors who visits your website.

Meta Tags are the information snippets which are inserted in the <head> part of the HTML code of web pages. Title tags are visible to the visitors but there are other tags which provide information about the web pages to the search engines and they aren’t directly visible to the visitors. You have to look into the source code of the webpage in order to see these tags.

A typical Meta tag would look as given below:
<title> </title>
<meta name="description" content="">
<meta name="keywords" content="">

These three tags i.e. title, description and keywords are the most important elements and a source of information for search engines. Let's discuss how to use these tags in a ethical manner.

The Title Tag

The title tag is one of the most vital part of any webpage or website which tells visitors and search engines about the content of the page. This tag plays an important role in determining your site’s search engine rankings. You have to be very careful when writing title for your webpage. Always remember that title tag should be relevant to the content of the page and you should put relevant key phrases describing the content of your webpage.

Many webmasters put their company’s name in the beginning of the title but it is recommended that you should put the company name at the end of the title tag because most users search for some specific products or services instead of company name. It is recommended that you put your most important keywords in the beginning of this tag.

Google crawler reads about 60-90 characters of your title tag. So please make sure that your most prominent keywords should be under this length. You must use unique Meta tags for different pages in your website because each page in your website is totally different.

The Meta Description Tag

The Meta description tag gives a short description or summary of your webpage content. Search engines use this description in their search result pages just below the title of the page as a brief description of your webpage.

When users search for a specific term in search engine they read the description snippet to know more about the services offered by the website and after that they take the decision to visit that website. If you haven’t provided any Meta description tag for your WebPages many search engines like Google will automatically generate this tag using the text in the content of your WebPages but remember that it would not be perfectly relevant.

Some Tips for Writing Meta Description Tag

You should write this tag in a manner that attracts users to visit you website. It should be informative enough to make an impact on the users. A Meta description tag should be between 25-30 words and you have to include your product or service details accordingly. Please remember that like the title tag your description tag should be unique and in accordance with the content of your webpage.

The Meta Keywords Tag

This particular tag was abused in unethical ways by many webmasters and that’s the reason that most of the search engines don’t read the Meta keywords tag anymore. Still you can use it but remember don’t put too many keywords in this tag i.e. you should use 10-15 non –repetitive keywords in this tag.