The fun thing about the digital world is that the little things are being slowly affected by new innovations. Sure there are big things changing, like the ability to have the internet with you wherever you go because of smartphones, but what is really interesting is how small trivial tasks are being transformed into either something easier, or entertaining. For example you can organize contact information simply by importing Facebook friends and LinkedIn accounts, or even turn off lights with your smartphone!

The technology growth is also allowing for some incredible relationships between the scary world of credit card processing and the always shifting industry of website design and programming. Recent stories reveal that both AT&T and Verizon are working on a way to do away with plastic credit and debt cards and replace them with smartphones. If this plan takes off, it could spell disaster for major credit card processing companies, as well as a giant change in how daily life for people works.

What is interesting is that if this scheme works out, it could tie in directly to the existing program Toshl, a fantastic application that can be used in your iPhone that allows you to keep track of your expenses. True, many banks already provide a similar service with online banking, what is different about this program however is that you simply type in the amount of money you spent, and add a pre-named tag to the price. You can view all of your expenses in a chronological timeline, but the website support that comes with it is where the fun begins.

The Toshl website syncs with the app on your iPhone, and then allows you to disseminate the information into a variety of forms. You can have it made into a format easy to put into an Excel spreadsheet, or even create graphs and charts that show you what percentage of your money goes where. Now without actually having to work with your bank, websites are now able to give you valuable information that can help you cut back expenses, or show you how you can spend more efficiently.

In this age, everything is constantly changing and evolving, but waiting for flying cars or transporters may get old, instead it's fun to watch how technology is changing the little things.