Batman RIP Cover

Publisher: DC Comics
Year Published:  2009
Length: 208 Pages
Availability:  in hardcover and softcover, buy on Amazon or at your local bookstore

Batman R.I.P. tells the story of a organization of villains called the Black Glove.  Their leader, Dr. Hurt has discovered everything about Batman, including his identity as Bruce Wayne and decides to exploit it by causing Batman to have a complete mental breakdown.

This comic book is very interesting because we see what would happen if Batman completely lost his mind.   This book shows just how resourceful Batman is that he has even prepared himself for a psychological attack.  

The story itself is interesting and well done, but there was just something about it that gives it a strange tone and feeling to it.  Grant Morrison’s Batman is different than other versions of the character. 

The illustrations by Tony Daniel are very nice to look at and the imagery is very vivid and memorable for some scenes.   The illustrations look nice and the artwork is very well done.  The fight scenes are very nice and the scenes with the Joker are really creepy. 

When I first read this, I wasn’t sure how I would like it, but I think it’s very well done and I do recommend it to Batman fans.  Grant Morrison’s take on Batman isn’t one of my favorites, but he does a very good job and the book is pretty entertaining, but since the Black Glover organization appeared in a graphic novel set before this one, they aren’t established very well in this one because they expect you to have read the other book Batman: The Black Glove first.

It’s a pretty good book, not going to be on my book shelf in my graphic novel collection, but I do recommend borrowing from your friend, or getting it from the library.  The hardcover is a little pricy, but the book is pretty big for a graphic novel, over 200 pages, if you’re going to buy it get the softcover trade paperback, but I would recommend reading it before you decide of you want to buy it because you may or may not like how this turns out.  I did enjoy it, a lot more than I thought I would but it’s not one of my favorite Batman stories.

Batman: R.I.P. is a good mystery story, with an interesting look into Bruce Wayne’s psyche, but has a few hiccups, mainly the group of villains in the Black Glove organization, and that it’s a little strange for a Batman graphic novel, but it is pretty good.  Definitely worth reading, but you’ll have to decide for yourself whether or not you want to buy it.