Do you write online? If you do, there is a relatively new service that allows you to write what you want, when you want, and pays you for views as opposed to clicks. That place is I've just started writing there. So, this is a first-impressions review.

The first thing you want to do is get yourself registered. To do that go to the homepage and click the join up link. Fill out the form and then finish up. You can begin posting content right away. And, it's not a referral site.

When I posted my first item, it was a blog blurb, I noticed that immediately the site automatically indexed it in with other blogs, images, and news stories. At first I thought that my stuff would get buried. But I realized that if other people were submitting content similar to mine that my link would appear in their tabs. So, there is a content sharing aspect involved right there. I like that because it is promotion that I don't have to work hard at. And as any blogger will tell you, content is king, and promotion is queen.

After browsing around the site. I can honestly say that I looked at content from around the world and on almost any subject you can imagine. It won't matter what your content style is. You should be able to find a niche and an audience.

Since I am just as greedy as the next guy I had to check out the earnings faq. I am a bit leery of sites that pay by the view. It makes me wonder what their angle is. And I almost flipped when I saw the payout threshold. This is the incentive faq.

Just like life, you start out at the bottom as an apprentice. Here is the earning breakdown for an apprentice. This was taken from the incentive faq question What are the levels of Allvoices brands and cash rewards?


You are starting out and are in the process of building influence over your social network when it comesto news. You have tremendous potential if you leverage the Allvoices platform.

  • Cash Reward: $0.25 for every 1000 page views generated across all your reports, images, videos
  • Quality: No copyright violations (text or photos)
  • Audience: Minimum of 10,000 views
Take a look at that minimum. At that rate, when you hit 10K views Allvoices owes you two dollars and fifty cents. At first I recoiled and redid the math. But, unless I am mistaken, the math works out. The higher rankings pay more. And Allvoices says you can get to $10,000.

Even though there appear to be quite a few good points I can't say that I am a true believer. For me, I would recommend you try more as an additional promotional tool than as an income source.

Thanks for reading. In order to make sure that all of the members of our IB community see this review, I'd appreciate upvotes and pass it along. Thanks.