Take a look at how many websites you are writing for as a freelancer. If you most of your sites are revenue sharing then a very good portion of your time is spent doing keyword research and other SEO tasks. That makes sense when you are attempting to make money writing online. Right now I currently write for several revenue sharing sites. Every one of them allows me to make money writing online via the Adsense program or Amazon Affilate program. None of those apply with Constant Content

I've joined a new program and it is completely different from all the others that I've experienced. There are no ads, no credit for views, and no chance to post fluffy nonsense hoping to make a sale. If you are interested in focusing solely on your writing then this review of Constant Content is for you.

The site is, obviously, Constant Content. You sign up as an author and submit articles on anything you desire, set the prices for them, and share the sale with the site. There are no worries about SEO because the articles are not indexed. That doesn't mean you cannot write SEO optimized articles and use that as a selling point.

Instead, customers come to the site looking for content to use elsewhere. If they see an article of yours that looks appealing they are able to preview one-third of the article to see how it fits. If they like it, they buy it. You, the author, will receive sixty-five percent of the selling price. Constant Content gets the other thirty-five percent. There is a referral program in place. If one of your referred authors makes a sale the split is 65% to the Author, 30% to Constant Content, and 5% to the referrer. Notice that the authors share is always 65%.

When you submit your articles there are four pricing fields you need to understand. The customer can buy usage rights, unique rights, or full rights. And, you may also elect to accept someones "best offer" for your work as well. Here is an explanation of each license straight from the Constant Content explanation page.

A Usage License means the article can be purchased over and over again by different people. If the content is popular, it could be purchased by 10 different websites for use. As soon as a usage license is purchased any unique or full rights license offers are no longer available. A usage license purchase will be published effectively as is, with only formatting changes and the addition of links.

Unique (Exclusive) license means as soon as the content is purchased with a unique license we take the content off constant-content.com and both the author and constant-content.com will no longer make this article available for sale. This is a way for webmasters to purchase content that is entirely unique and unpublished. A unique license purchase will be published effectively as is, with only formatting changes and the adding of links.

Full Rights license is similar to a unique license except that, in addition to giving the purchaser a unique license to the article you also give the purchaser the right to edit your work. This means that the purchaser may add or subtract from the article as they see fit, including editing the byline. In legal terms, a full rights purchase is equivalent to waiving your moral rights to your work. This is a way for webmasters to purchase content that they can adapt to suit their purposes.

You can always choose not to offer either a Unique or Full Rights license simply by setting the Unique and/or Full Rights price to zero.

The key element here is to price each set of rights differently. Obviously a full rights article should sell for more simply because it is a one trick pony. And, you can also sell usage-only if you think there is a multiple site potential. I'm not sure what pricing strategy I will use.

Constant Content pays via Paypal and if I understood the information I read they do it right away.

There is a forum where you can converse with other authors. You can even converse with the editor himself to discuss what you need to do to resubmit a rejected article. Rejects??? Oh yes, there are rejects and here's why.

If you have grown accustomed to reading "articles" that are little more than sales pitches get ready for a shock. Constant Content doesn't allow that. If you've looked over a bunch of articles that are full of misspellings and other typos get ready for a shock. Constant Content doesn't allow that, for the most part, either. Every article you submit will be screened by an editor. The process takes a day or three since the editor is only human. When you go to sign up, be sure to read the writers guidelines. I was a bit intimidated to be honest. But, I have submitted two articles and the both have been approved.

The point is that Constant Content is a site for serious people who really want to make money writing online content that is completely unique. Imagine an old style freelancer that submits his or her stories to the papers or magazines. Now update that to the 21st century.

So far I like Constant Content because it is a very up front site. You know exactly what you must do to be accepted. You are told straightaway that you could be suspended if you are rejected three times. The forums are friendly and helpful. The referral program doesn't penalize the authors.

Since I am new there I cannot comment on traffic and sales just yet. But, I am optimistic. I would definitely recommend that anyone looking to make money writing online give Constant Content a shot.

To be honest the only downside I've seen thus far was waiting on pins-and-needles to see if my articles got accepted or rejected.

Update 8/27/09: I sold my first article today for $50. I could get used to this. And, as noted in the comments below, payday is once a month and occurs after the customers payment clears. I also got a congrats note from my "sponsor" as well. Communication amongst the writers is excellent via the forum, or the "contact author" link.

The link to join Constant Content is just over to the right in the authors box.