Getting website search engine optimization right is vital if your website is to be successful. You are in business to attract visitors to your site, however many people let poor site layout and design drive away visitors and that loses revenue.

Your website may be a personal one, about your family, a hobby or an interest. If so, having thousands of people call and view your creation is fine but irrelevant because the only thing at stake is your pride. If you are in business it is a different story. Selling products or services, promoting them as an affiliate for commission or just getting income from ads placed on your pages calls for traffic and plenty of it.

Driving traffic to your web pages is vital. Visitors equal money and more visitors can mean more money. Drawing people to your site is one thing, profiting from them before they leave is another. While your site may be a work of art in your biased eyes it could be jolting nightmare that causes 100% bounce rate to visitors. If you guilty of committing any of these seven deadly sins your traffic could be running for the hills instead of becoming regular callers.

1. Slow loading pages heavily laden with power sapping graphics

Many surfers have short attention spans and easily become agitated and bored. Don't keep them waiting around staring at a blank screen by having too many or large images. Having text within tables and heavy use of HTML may slow your pages and make people hit the back button and go elsewhere.

2. In your face pop ups before having chance to view anything

Pop up blockers exist for a reason. Being confronted by a an opt-in box demanding an email address or forcing unwanted offers and advertisements on people is a sure way to cause them to click away.

3. Too many adverts and wrong ad types

Some sites operate on the basis of creating income from displaying ads. Google ads is a great earner for many site owners. However, by cramming your web pages with offers and promotions it diverts attention away from content. This gives the impression the pages are spammy billboards pushing products that have nothing to do with the site's supposed focus.

4. Confusing content

Poor website search engine optimization layout may leave visitors wondering what the point of your site is. They came expecting to find information on curing bloating only to find posts on keyword research tools, six pack abs and cheap flights to the Bahamas. All because your pages are crammed with every money making offer around instead of the main subject of your website. Don't treat visitors as fools or they will return the favour.

5. Bad navigation

People in unfamiliar territory easily feel confused and disorientated. Your visitors like to be hand held and shown where to go with the aid of proper navigation like a contents list or page tabs. Don't leave people confused or they will leave and go to your competitors.

6. Flimsy, poor content, boring pages

Visitors come to your web pages because they are looking for something. If your web pages contain only hastily thrown together content, well worn PLR articles used on hundreds of other sites or dull, uninteresting and uninformative material your visitors are not going to stick around for long. Provide great content and not only will your traffic stay around they will come back for more.

7. Loud clashing music or hallucinogenic images

To be confronted by deafening blaring music or blinding lights, colours or images is a sure way to get your visitors hitting the back button in a mad panic. People don't want sudden shocks so don't provide them. Aim for an impact not a heart attack.

Making your website stand out among the millions of others on the internet is not always an easy thing to do. However, some of the most visited sites with many thousands of regular monthly visitors are actually pretty boring to look at. The reason they are successful is they don't rely on gimmicks but instead provide fantastic content that keeps visitors coming back for more. If you want success, do the same thing yourself with proper website search engine optimization of your website.