Why you should go for uptime monitoring?

Networks are in need of various reliable devices so as to work smoothly. With the help of uptime monitoring you can manage and monitoring the availability of the each and every device. Additionally, it also notifies the administrator through SMS or email during a system failure.

You can also use uptime monitoring so as to know about the potential issues that can pop up in the due course of time within your network. However, by monitoring your network proactively administrators will be allowed to balance loads. The best way would be to make use of PING sensors at frequent intervals. Additionally, monitoring solutions like Monitor Scout will also help you with various sensor types for monitoring so that applications, websites and services can also be verified for uptime statistics. 

Effective Solutions to Enhance Website Uptime

Persistent downtime issues can lower your company’s profits. However, by adhering to the proper measures you can increase the uptime for your website. Here are some suggestions that well help you maintain website uptime and lower the downtime issues experienced by your website.

Enhance your Ethernet connection’s speed

If you want to access the web from your workplace or home, the greater the Ethernet speed is, the better it is for you. After all, when technology has made so much advancement, who would like to go stick to the dial-up connection? It is not only the internet connection that you need to consider; instead you need to also focus on your website’s connection to the internet. Most organizations go in for networks which run at 10Gbit/sec. Now the question is what the exact problem with this speed is? Well, a survey was conducted and it was revealed that those with 40Gbit/sec speed usually do well in the online industry. It would be best to find out your website’s internet connection speed from before, as if ignore now; it can cause immense trouble in the due course of time. By choosing a faster connection to the internet, you can be sure of the fact that your website performs well and experiences less downtime.

Maintain Caching of Data

In case your website doesn’t support caching of data which is often accessed, you are in a way only concentrating on performance issues. There are various CMS packages which support the caching of data, however be sure with the data that you cache. For instance, dynamic data won’t be a good idea to cache while dealing with this kind of performance boost.

Always keep in mind that your primary objective is to maintain maximum uptime; and to attain the same ensure counting on server and website monitoring solutions.