It is important to analyze your Website Visitor Statistics to help find out how your website is performing on the search engines.You also have to learn how to read this data.

Your hosting company can provide you information about tracking, letting you know how many visitors you get per day, weekly and monthly.Many people think that the more visitors you get, the better your website is performing.You will need to analyze how long each visitor your site to determine how targeted your site is.

Many website visitor statistics track "hits" to your website.This can be inaccurate.For example if you have eight images on one page and a visitor goes to that page it is recorded as eight hits when it has only been one. Analyzing your "hits" is not a good way of viewing your website performance.

To properly review your website performance you have to look at how long your visitors have stayed at your website, if you notice that the time your visitors stay at your site are relatively short you will need to find out why this is so.

website visitor statistics

It could be that you are not using targeted keywords on your site, or that you are using too many images on your pages and not enough content.A s you can see it is vital to track your website visitor statistics.If there is a certain page where you have noticed a high bounce rate such as a visitor exiting your site as soon as they arrive, you need to take action to resolve what the problem might be.You may want to improve on how the page looks and make sure you have easy navigation of your links and make them stand out.

Also if you notice that you are getting a lot of visitors who stay a long time at a particular page, you can focus on adding more marketing and preselling on this page.By looking at these statistics frequently and making any necessary changes it can help you be more successful in any affiliate marketing campaign.

Keywords are so important when it comes to your website visitor statistics.You will need to find the most targeted keywords for your website that fit your websites content. Adjust your keywords that get little traffic or a high bounce rate. As you can see by tracking your visitors regularly , it can help you determine what needs to be done to make your website more successful to help you get affiliate commissions and earn from the top affiliate marketing companies.