If you want to do something good for yourself consider increasing your brain power. Exercising the brain can increase your mental acuity and improve retention of material. You know what they say, if you don't use, it you lose it. There are many ways to keep your brain in tip top shape. For example, a diet rich in magnesium and omega-3 is known to improve brain function. Staying hydrated and exercise actually improves how the brain performs. Many scientific studies out there have proven that there are many ways to create new neurons and become smarter via different techniques. One way you can increase your IQ is by visiting websites that make you smarter.

One website that can do just that is Dictionary.com. On this site it has the word of the day. It gives you a new word each day with an audio clip that will enunciate it for you. It gives you a definition and examples of it used in a sentence. Sign up for the e-mail and a new word will be sent to you each day. Imagine how many new words that you will have learned after a year has passed by doing this one thing.

How about instead of just a word a day, maybe a foreign language would be better. At VerbalPlanet.com you can learn to speak any language that you chose. They have 39 languages to chose from all taught by native speaker. Interactive lessons are taught via Skype online one-on-one with a live private tutor. The one drawback is that a fee is attached to this website, but hey if you want to learn a new language this a great place to go. Another site that will teach you a different language is Live Mocha, and it is completely free.

This website will definitely stir your intellectual mind. Open Yale Courses offers up rich and intriguing academia that will stimulate you and expand your knowledge base. The website includes video, audio, and handouts from actual Yale scholars covering introductory courses taught on a variety of humanities. I am actually study Introduction to the Hebrew Bible, taught by Professor Christine Hayes. The course includes a syllabus, handouts, 24 video taped lectures lasting approximately for 50 minutes, and a survey after completion of the course. The courses are on audit basis only and are completely free. There are 12 different courses offered at this site and there are many other sites on the web that you can take free college courses. Lecture Fox is another site that lets you view free lectures from various universities. Academia Earth is another site like this however, many universities participate on this site. They also offer paid courses for credit and online degrees, as well as free courses.

Reading books captivates many people and sweeps them into an imaginary world were they can identify with characters and get caught up in the stories. Reading books expands the mind and enriches ones vocabulary. One great place to do this is at ManyBooks.net and Project Gutenberg at gutenberg.org. There are over 50,000 e-books to chose from so you should never run out of material. New books are added all the time. The cost is free, but they do accept donations.

The Browser is a website that will enrich your life with journals worth reading. Their subjects cover everything politics, business, science, sports, and the arts. They display writings "with lasting value." You will find a little bit of everything there. The knowledge that you gain from these articles will enable you to engage in interesting conversations with anyone. This articles give you an in-depth look at the world around you.

Who can forget about Wikipedia. If you haven't heard about Wikipedia then you are not from around this planet. It contains information on any subject that you can think of. It is usually considered the first go to site when in doubt or when general information is needed on a subject in a timely manner.

Another interesting website that will make you smarter is h+magazine at hplusmagazine.com. This is definitely a geek site that covers science, technology, and cultural trends that change human beings forever. This site is full of articles explaining how real life and science fiction are merging. If you want to be on the cutting edge of the information age and become geeky smart, then by all means visit this site.

Newser.com advertises read less know more and that is exactly what they deliver. It is a news page that features top stories in picture block format. You just scan across the front of it and you have all of the top stories covered in a matter of minutes. It will keep you ahead of your peers as to what is happening in the world right now.

Websites that can make you smarter include brain games. Lumosity.com is one such site that is personalize for your age and intelligence level. It will ask you what you would like to improve, I chose memory, and it will train your brain. It is an addictive game that will make you smarter in areas such as flexibility, problem solving, speed, attention to detail, memory, and the list goes on and on.

Games for the brain is another cool site even though it was difficult for me to play. I think that if my mouse would have worked properly, then I would have excelled at it. Nonetheless, check it out if you want to build some new neurons.

Braingle.com boast that is has the largest availability of brain training games on the net. This site is filled with brain teasers, riddles, trivia, quizzes, mind puzzles, and games. It has a section called Mentalrobic Exercises that has a schedule for workouts for everyday of the week. They have an online community that keeps on adding new material to the site. I think that you will get a real workout here.

There are many more websites that can make you smarter on the internet. The point is that whenever you stress your brain to learn new things or test its concentration abilities, new neurons form because of this. Some activities can encourage you to use the non-dominate part of the brain, and a by-product of this is an increase in intelligence. The older we get the easier we lose brain cells and memory. Because of this, we need to be diligent in challenging ourselves everyday. I hope you enjoy these sites and that they enrich your life in someway.