The Kumeyaay Indians are a fascinating tribe that were among the original inhabitants of San Diego.


Samuel Brown is a Kumeyaay Indian. He is obviously proud of his heritage. He gives a lot of information about his ancestors on his website. He also has a sense of humor. He states

"...Some people are Indian but you would not know unless they told you. My parents, grandparents and so on back were Kumeyaay Indian and I am considered a full blood 100% but I am positive there were other types of people back there somewhere. Some males, in my family, lose the hair on the top of their heads and I am thinning out so? "

Samuel Brown offers many links on his website. He has a page where he talks about childhood memories and it is a very fascinating and funny to read. He talks about when he went to his 40th class reunion but had to leave early as he did not like hanging out with old people.

I have done a lot of reading on the native Americans and had never heard of this particular group of Native Americans until I found this website. This tribe is an interesting group with a fascinating history. Their language is also neat. I even learned that the word for "Yes" is "aaha".

Desert USA

This website has a page that talks about some of the their history. The website tells us the they were "semi-nomadic peoples, spending their winters in the desert lowlands and moving to higher ground (such as the Laguna and Santa Rosa Mountains) from late spring tKumeyaay Indianhrough the acorn and pinenut harvest in the fall. " A lot like modern day senior citizens who venture to warmer climates in the winter time.

San Diego History has a web page that tells about the history of the Kumeyaayns and the attack on a Mission that occurred in 1775.

Kumeyaay Indian Story About a Coyote And A Stink Bug

This is a short story  about a gullible coyote and a stinkbug. It is actually a pretty cute story and worth a quick read to learn about one of their old traditional stories.

All Americans used to have oral traditions. Before we had TV and radio all we had were stories, telling about beliefs and the past.

Kumeyaay Millennium

AmericanIndianSource has a web page that talks about the history of the Kumeyaay Indians. They call the them the "original San Dieagans". This is in reference to the fact that they were among the first permanent residents in the area today known as San Diego California.

This is a very indepth read about the Kumeyaay. If you are interested in some of the Native American's traditions and history then this is a must read to learn about Kumeyaay history.

Kumeyaay are rarely mentioned outside of the Southern California area. But they have a very fascinating history. Stories about the past, but even many modern stories of fighting against, but also cooperating with the United States Government. This group of Native American must not be forgotten, their story deserves to be told, in order for all Americans to know about their history and traditions.