Did you know that there are hundreds of websites that send coupons in the mail? More and more manufacturers are offering discounts and coupons in order to increase their sales. In fact, with the slower than usual business climates you can bet that most major manufacturers are looking to push their products with coupon offers. Couponing, either by sending coupons to your home, electronically distributed coupons or wireless coupons are the way savvy manufacturers are trying to get you to buy. You as a consumer have the advantage because with the still slow economy, this it buyers market. As such, you need not pay full price for anything you are in the market for. Let's have a closer look at how you can find websites to send you coupons in the mail.

What Kind of Coupons by Mail Are You Looking For?

How you go about finding coupons thru the mail will differ depending on what type of coupon you are looking for. To get coupons, free samples and special offers mailed to your home you will usually need to make a few enquires first. They will not come your way at first by wishing it were so. After the first few mailing lists you sign up for you will start to notice other offers being sent to you automatically. Sign up for a bulk of mailing lists and you will very likely wonder how you managed to get on every mailing list on the face of the planet. The number of lists you seem to end up subscribed tends to grow exponentially. Surprisingly enough, I have gotten some of my very best freebies with companies I had never signed up with initially. Free stuff is all good in my book. The more mailing lists you opt into, the more coupons and freebies you will get.

How to Get Grocery Coupons in the Mail

The easiest way to get grocery coupons for your favorite product is to go to the manufacturer website and opt into their mailing list. Some have pages where you can print grocery coupons right on their site, but opting into their list is still a good idea. Opting into the mailing list will usually get you sporadic free samples and other goodies too, above and beyond the coupons you can get print on their websites. Many manufacturers send coupons every couple of months or so as well.

Another option for getting coupons in the mail is via a coupon clipping service. Ebay is a good place to look, as are the coupon forums for information on which coupon services are currently the best option. While you will pay a nominal fee for processing your coupon order, both the time coupon clipping services save and the coupon savings themselves make coupon clipping services well worth your time.

If you don't want to wait for your coupons to come in the mail, why not try the free wireless coupon option? Cellfire.com will send your savings to your wireless devices and shortcuts.com will load discounts to your store savings card. Both services are free and give you a wide variety of products for which they offer above average savings.

Get Coupons for Online Shopping

These are super easy to find and there are literally hundreds of websites offering online web coupon codes. Because the marketplace is so fluid, I hate to say which site to find them on because they come and go so often. In truth many of the larger coupon code sites pull the same feeds, and you will get exactly the same discounts on all of them. I like to use goodsearch.com, because a portion of proceeds goes directly to charity. I have also used flamingoworld.com and retailmenot.com for past purchases. I have to admit though that charity shopping sites are still my favorite. I spend the same regardless of which sites coupon I use, so making a donation to a nonprofit at no cost to me has a certain appeal. It is nice to know that some funding gets to those in need when I spend money that I would have anyway.

Where to Get Coupons in the Mail for Restaurants

I love to eat out and hate to pay full price when I do. Some restaurants have now gone to printing coupons in the Sunday food section of the local newspapers. You can get coupons in the mail for restaurants at any coupon clipping service. Restaurant coupons in the mail may also be found in the Pennysaver, Buy-one-Get-One-Free magazine, and other junk mail advertisements that show up every week at your house.

Alternatively, you can call the restaurant chain directly by using their customer service phone number and request coupons. Most also have websites and offer opt-in mailing lists for special offers or free birthday promotions. Ask questions, sign up on their mailing lists and you will get the discounts you are looking for.

How to Get Lots of Discount Coupons Free and Easy

Getting literally fistfuls of free coupons is easy; all you need to do is go to the websites that send coupons in the mail. Virtually all major chain restaurants, grocery manufacturers and online vendors offer coupons on their own websites. I usually just do a search for coupon codes + date (Oct 09) and see what comes up. By searching for the date and or / printable coupon or coupon codes you will usually bring up the current months promotional offers. You will also usually get some forum posts offering information on where to use the coupons in addition to a cheapest sale price available. Usually I can use the same coupon code and get that same sale price at one of the charity fund raising shopping sites. The charity donation sites are affiliates with all major online vendors so you will not lose anything by purchasing through them.

If you are truly looking for paper coupons to come through the mail, rather than electronic discounts, wireless coupons or online coupon discount codes, then your best bet is to check out the vendors' website first and see what they are offering. If you strike out there, call the 800 number and ask for more information. The customer service reps will more often than not well you that they are not supposed to send you coupons, but usually will make an exception just for you because you took the time to call. Websites offering coupons are easy to find, you just need to do a little detective work to save a boatload of cash.