Wedderspoon manuka honey 16 is a special type of organic manuka honey that has antibacterial properties. It is made in New Zealand and the bees that make it only collect nectar from a Manuka tree, also called a tea tree. It is a smooth and creamy product with a caramel-like flavor.

What is UMF?

The number 16 signifies the honey’s UMF, or the unique manuka factor level.This number also signifies how potent the anti-bacteria abilities of the honey is, with 16 being the highest level normally recommended for usage, as higher levels are usually the ones that can cause adverse reactions in some people.

The UMF rankings are regulated through an agency in Zealand that is similar to the Food and Drug Administration. Only Wedderspoon manuka honey 16 that has been inspected and approved gets a special New Zealand seal of approval and then it can be exported to the U.S. or other counties. If you are trying to buy Wedderspoon manuka honey 16, be sure it has this seal, as many places may try to sell imitation versions of this product.

What Makes It Organic?

Honey has been used for thousands of years clear back to the Egyptians to treat everything from wound to sore throats or stomach issues. Wedderspoon manuka honey 16 is a kind of unpasteurized honey, which means it still has natural products like pollen, honeycomb and bee enzymes. The bees that make this special honey are not given any sugar or antibiotics and the hives they live in are not treated with any kind of pesticides.

Wedderspoon manuka honey 16 is also certified free of toxic pesticides or chemicals. It also has anti-bacterial features and has been used to treat several ailments such as ulcers, stomach problems like bad digestion or gastrointestinal issues.  The recommended dose is to eat one or two teaspoons of the Wedderspoon manuka honey 16 about a half hour before eating.

Storage and Uses of Wedderspoon Manuka Honey 16

Wedderspoon manuka honey 16 does not need to be put into a refrigerator to keep it good, and can be stored right on the shelf in your cupboard and is said to have a very good flavor when put on bread or otherwise eaten. It is a thick type of honey that is certified to be good for usage on both the inside and outside of the body for various medical issues.

Wedderspoon manuka honey 16 can be purchased as a liquid, or as tablets and capsules for medicinal purposes, or even in creams or lotions when used in beauty products or for treating wounds or burns. You can find this type of honey both online and in many health food stores.

The bottom line is that this wonderful type of honey known as Wedderspoon manuka honey 16 is good for many things from being a tasty food to being good for treating a wide variety of medical ailments. If you decide to try Wedderspoon manuka honey 16, talk to your doctor before using it to treat any illness or injury.

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