Selecting a Great Wedding Band Has Never Been Easier

He’s popped the question, you’ve said yes, and the wedding planning has begun!  From the first bouquet of flowers your soon-to-be-spouse purchased for you to, most likely, your engagement ring, many of love’s milestones have been picked out by your partner. 

10k Yellow Gold 3mm Traditional Women's Wedding BandWhen it comes to picking wedding bands, there are so many options, and what’s truly special about this particular item is that you and your partner will choose a set together, making a lifetime investment in your love in the tangible sense as much as in the symbolic. 

Now, you have an array of choices in front of you.  Whether or not you and your partner plan to coordinate your bands, the options of wedding bands for women that are available today range greatly in style, fit, color, and cost. 

Sterling Silver Women's Stackable Eternity Ring Sizes 5 6 7 8 and 9Often ignored in favor of planning the color scheme, meal plan, and playlist for the wedding, choosing a set of wedding rings is a vital part of wedding and marriage preparations.  While your memories of which songs were played and what color the napkins were may fade, your wedding ring is a piece of the ceremony that you will carry with you wherever you go. 

When looking for the perfect wedding band for women, it’s important to decide on your priorities and think about your lifestyle.  Do you wear jewelry often?  If you are not used to wearing rings, then wearing your wedding ring is going to be an adjustment and comfort might be your top priority in choosing a wedding band and you might consider a “comfort fit” which means that the inner lip of the ring is curved to prevent chafing.  When it comes to wedding rings for women, there is also the importance of coordinating your band with your engagement ring.  Of course, you also have to choose a metal and style.  There are all sorts of unique wedding bands for women today in addition to the various classical styles. 

10K White Gold Channel Set Diamond Band .125ct tw. (Ring sizes 3-9)If you decide that you want a unique wedding ring, a world of options exists both in brick and mortar stores and on the internet.  If you are really looking for a wedding band that is one of a kind, then your best bet may be to look online for custom jewelers.  There are many artisans out there crafting stunning wedding bands in complimentary styles for me and women.  The benefit of searching on the internet is that you can check out independent jewelers and compare them directly with the most popular stores.  If you prefer to pick your ring in person, to try on a variety of styles and see immediately how it fits on your hand, then one of the more well-known jewelers might be a good place to start.  Check out Zales or the wedding bands for women available at Jared.  These are just two examples from the many reputable and popular jewelers.  When buying such an expensive and significant item, it is important to be certain, wherever you purchase, that the metals are truly what they are advertised to be and that the seller has a good record.  This is made much simpler by purchasing at one of the major retailers.  On the other hand, the most unique and artistic designs are more likely to be found at small or independent jewelers. 

10k White Gold 4mm Traditional Women's Wedding BandWhile the fit of the ring is important, the metal that you choose is the most visible element of ring design.  There are more choices of metals than you might think in today’s wedding band market place, especially when you are considering wedding rings for women.  Gold or silver is the choice of the past, today there is white gold, rose gold, titanium wedding bands and even platinum wedding bands for women and men.  There are also many designs out there that feature multiple metals.  For example, one popular design is that of gold and silver melded together representing two individuals coming together in one union.  You can add another layer of flair and sophistication by choosing a diamond wedding band, usually reserved for women, though you can find men’s designs as well.  Each metal has its own positive qualities and its drawbacks.  While silver and gold are the most classic, they are also some of the softer metals and are less resistant to scratches than a ring made of titanium.  White gold is increasing in popularity for women’s wedding bands because it can go with either silver or yellow gold. 

.25 CT Diamond Wedding Band 14K White Gold With Miligrain Setting (Available In Sizes 5 - 10)Platinum is the most expensive of the metals and has a white sheen to it.  If you decide to go with a diamond wedding band, then you should take your lifestyle into account when deciding between settings.  A channel setting will give your diamonds the most protection while still showing them off while raised settings, where the diamonds are more visible, are more likely to snag on clothing.  When choosing a diamond band, ask the jeweler to help you coordinate with the cut and color of the diamond in your engagement ring.

Remember, although many couples do like to coordinate their wedding rings, you can do so in your own way, if decide so.  Perhaps just the metals, just the shape, or just the design are in sync, the most important thing is that each person is happy and comfortable with the ring that they’ll be wearing daily.  One way to coordinate without matching metals is to choose similar designs, even in the most subtle way.  Perhaps you have matching engravings on the inside with your wedding date.  It’s becoming more and more popular to engrave wedding bands for women and men with elaborate or simple patterns such as paisley or milgrain.  There are plenty of ways to infuse your wedding band with symbolism for your commitment to each other. 

You are beginning a life intertwined with the person you love and your wedding band is the first gift you give each other as the marriage begins.  The seemingly endless offerings of wedding bands for women might seem daunting, but if you begin your search prepared with some basic background information on what is available then you’ll find the search much more manageable and enjoyable.