Avery Clear Printable Labels

Wedding address labels make it easy to address wedding invitations:

Wedding address labels are just one of the many items a bride must include on her seemingly endless list of tasks to complete before her wedding day. While some brides have the privilege of hiring a wedding planner to help with all of the monotonous chores of planning a wedding like addressing hundreds of invitations, many brides can't afford the outside help. If you are looking for a way to cut down on the work it takes to address all of those invitations, you may find it useful to print wedding address labels from your computer.

Printing labels in the past meant going to a graphic designer or printing company, giving them a list of guests and paying them to do all of the work for you. If you have the extra money, this isn't a bad idea, but wedding budgets are tight as it is, so this isn't an option for many people. With more and more companies creating online storefronts, and websites becoming more and more capable of taking custom orders right off the website, there are low cost solutions available.

Print wedding address labels: choosing a personalized adress label template:

The easiest, and cheapest way to produce personalized wedding address labels is to purchase blank labels from an office supply store and print them out at home. It requires a little bit of work to set up the template for the first time, but once you get the hang of it, you can just type in everyone of your guests addresses and print every single label all at once.

Bonus T ip: Print duplicates of all of your labels so you have enough to label of your thank you cards after the wedding.

Hiring a company online to make custom wedding address labels:

If you have a little bit of extra money to spend and would rather have someone else take care of printing the labels for you, there are websites online that can take care of the label printing for you. However, sometimes the amount of work it takes to explain to someone how you want your address labels printed is more than just printing them yourself at home.

"Just Married" wedding return address labels

If you are looking for personalized "Just Married" wedding return address labels, there are a number of websites that can print those cheaper than you can make at home. Since they are printing the same info rmation over and over again it is much easier and cheaper for them to make. Additionally, many of the most popular sites like Zazzle have pre-made designs that will look much more professional than anything you could print at home.

Personalized Stamp

Wedding reutrn address stamp:

If you are looking for ultimate efficiency then you might want to consider a wedding return address stamp. They take a few weeks to have made, but if you remember to place an order in advance you can have a stamp made for under $10 that will save you from having to write your return address on envelopes for years!