Photo gifts have been a popular romantic gift for a long time. They are specially good to commemorate special occasions, such as your wedding anniversary with a great picture of such a marked day as your wedding. However, if you think photo gifts aren't special enough, take a look at Text-o-graphs.

What's a Text-o-graph

A text-o-graph is a painting of a photography made by an artist using a text of your choice. The combination of a well chosen picture and a significant text makes it a unique photo gift with a twist. From a distance, it looks like the original picture, but if you come closer you can actually read the message. The fact that it's hand made by a digital artist makes it a work of art that can be treasured, and if you choose a medium such as canvas it can hang on your wall and remind your loved one of that happy moment for years. Each text-o-graph is unique and made to order, which makes it a great romantic gift.

What photographs Can Be Made Into A Text-o-graph

It's possible to create a unique text-o-graph from any picture, both colour and black and white, but some are just going to work better than others. Since the artist is going to draw your picture using text, and not ink, that means some definition will be lost. So a picture with a very busy background and a small subject is going to be quite blurry compared with a close up on a light background. Try going for pictures with good contrast between the background and the subject, and where the subject takes most of the available space. It's also important to use images that are big enough: Don't try with a 25kb JPG image because that won't cut it once made into a larger 16x20 poster. Most digital cameras can take pictures that are of a high enough resolution, and if you are thinking of immortalizing a shoot of your wedding day you may want to contact the photographer for a digital copy of your album.

Black and White Pictures

A Text-o-graph can also be made using only black and white text, for that antique and classy look black and white pictures have. However, black and white pictures need to have high levels of contrast or detail may be lost. Pictures with interesting shapes and low levels of noise work better. In case of doubt, use your favourite digital photography editor to adjust contrast levels and see how the picture would look in black and white.

Choosing the Right Text

An artist can made a text-o-graph with minimal text, just by repeating a few words again and again. However, since the different letters is what will give the painting its unique style it's better to try for at least 5 sentences. If you are looking for unique photo gifts for your wedding anniversary you could use a close up of you two and use your wedding vows as the text. Alternatively, your better half favourite romantic poem or song can also be a great combination and show that you know and care about his or her tastes.