Do you remember what your spouse gave you for your wedding anniversary last year? What did you give to your spouse?

When you think of an anniversary gift, what comes to mind? Perhaps you think about flowers or candy, or maybe a nice dinner. Those types of anniversary gifts are fine, but what if you could give a gift that your spouse would appreciate and remember for longer than five minutes after they received it? Would that be worth a little bit of your time?

The two things you should put into your gift are effort and time. Make an effort to know what your spouse would really enjoy, then put some time into researching and purchasing or making the gift.

Be creative, and by being creative, I don't mean spend a lot of money; although you can spend as much as you want. Creative ways to say "I love you" can be something as simple as a love letter or it can be an extravagant gift. You make the call, but the important thing is that your gift comes from your "heart."

Give this a lot of thought. Is there something that best represents your love? You might want to think about recreating your first date, then adding an element of surprise.

If your first date was dinner and a movie, think about how you can best recreate that date. You may want to go to the same restaurant or you may want to recreate a special meal you once shared. If you saw a movie on your first date, or if you both enjoy the same favorite movie, you can rent it for later viewing. You might even think about purchasing the movie as a gift. At the end of the evening, when your spouse thinks the night is over, surprise him or her with a little something extra. Perhaps a couple of tickets to an event your spouse has wanted to attend or a handmade gift, maybe a picture frame with a picture of the two of you from your first date. The gift could be anything, just try to make it personal.

Another fun thing you can do is recreate your wedding day, on a smaller scale. Plan a small, intimate get together; it could be just the two of you or you can invite your closest friends or family members. You can serve some of the same items you served at your wedding and you can even have a small replica of your wedding cake. At the end of the evening, add that little extra touch and surprise your spouse with a special gift.

If you really think about it, you should have no problem coming-up with a personal and creative way to say "I love you." But, if you are "stuck," here are some ideas:

Sign the two of you up for a class that your spouse would really enjoy. Do not sign-up for something YOU want to do, but something your SPOUSE wants to do! Some great classes are: cooking; dancing; acting; painting; singing; horseback riding; golf; surfing; sky diving; boxing or even self-defense. Think about what your spouse enjoys the most, and chances are there is probably a class you can take together.

Plan a weekend get-away and purchase some tickets for activities that your spouse would enjoy. Stay at a place that you both love and then plan to attend two or three attractions or do some activities that your spouse really likes. Plan everything, including meals, so that your spouse can just relax and relish the gift. Go to the restaurants that your spouse likes; remember this is his/her gift! Some of the things you can do together are attend sporting events, museums, concerts, amusement parks, or the theater. You can also go to the beach, skiing, have a spa treatment, or a picnic. There are many possibilities!

A very creative and personal gift is a T-shirt quilt. If you have purchased t-shirts from various vacations, concerts, or any other activity you and your spouse have done over the years, you can have them made into a beautiful quilt! You can find several websites that make these quilts, or you can even make one yourself.

Another unique and creative gift is to have one of your favorite pictures, perhaps from your wedding or honeymoon, made into a painting. Contact local artists or research websites to find someone to paint a copy of the photo. Then have it framed and you have a personal gift.

A truly wonderful gift you can give one another is to help others. You and your spouse can agree to give the money that you would have spent on each other to the charities that are important to both of you. You may also want to volunteer and spend some time helping those charities. Make a little memento of the day by having someone take a picture of the both of you and put it in a nice frame to look at year after year.

The possibilities are endless; just take your time, think about your spouse and have a happy anniversary!