Looking at wedding band tattoo designs can give you an idea of what you want on your own ring finger when the big day comes. Wedding band tattoos offer a great alternative to wedding rings, which can be expensive and uncomfortable to some. For a long time, wedding rings were only worn by wives. It was only during the 20th century that it became customary for both the wife and husband to wear them. Nowadays, we live in a world where tradition is shunned by some while admired by others. If you are the type of person who wants to have a unique wedding that's a little bit different from your peers, wedding band tattoos may be something to consider. But before, your rush to the tattoo parlor with your significant other, there are some important things to consider. Getting a wedding band tattoo is not something that should be done on whim because you may end up regretting it later.

Pros of Wedding Band Tattoos

wedding band tattoo designs(93082)First and foremost, getting a wedding band tattoo is much cheaper compared to buying an engagement ring or a wedding ring. Engagement rings can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to thousand of dollars, depending on the particular stone. A simple wedding band, depending on the material can cost a couple hundred dollars. The golden rule is that one should spend about 5% of his income on an engagement ring. That's a lot of money!

On the other hand, wedding band tattoos can be very affordable for those who are not so financially well-off. They usually cost anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars because not a lot of the skin is  being tattooed. I would advise to spend a bit more if you can on a reputable tattoo artist because you want the best work possible. 

Besides the price, wedding band tattoos are convenient for the fingers and hands. Once a tattoo has healed, you won't "feel" it. A wedding ring on the other hand will always be on your finger and if you often work with your hands or live in a bad neighborhood, it may be a burden. Wedding band tattoos also come with a variety of designs. Pretty much, the sky is the limit and you can be as creative as you can when designing your own wedding band tattoos.

Cons of Wedding Band Tattoos 

wedding band tattoo designsThere are also a few negatives when it comes to getting wedding band tattoos. First, a tattoo is not as easy to take off as a wedding ring. In the United States, the divorce rate is a little below 50% which is extremely high. Keep in mind that tattoos last pretty much forever, and getting it removed can be very expensive and painful. So take the time to consider the possible consequences of getting a wedding band tattoo. 

Another con that few people consider is the fact that tattoos change shape, form and texture as you get older. Your will hand will become weathered and wrinkled. Unlike other parts of your body, the skin on your fingers are very loose, which is bad for maintaining the original design of the tattoo. There is really nothing you can do about it, except get it retouched every few years. 

Tattooed Wedding Rings

Now that we have looked at the pros and cons, it is time to look at some wedding band tattoo designs. Hopefully some of these designs will give you the creative spark you need to help you come up with the perfect design. I highly recommend that you do not outright copy some of the designs shown below because that will take away from the special bond that exists in your relationship. Remember that you got away from wedding rings because you want to be different! Find a way to customize your design so that it only has special meanings for you and your significant other. Good luck!  

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Hopefully, you have an idea of what you want by reading this article and looking at some examples of wedding band tattoo designs.