Diamond solitaries are traditional engagement rings. When shopping for a wedding band to fit a solitaire ring you'll need to consider the prong setting of the diamond to choose a band that fits snuggly against the diamond. A traditional engagement ring will still be in style decades to come. If you feel like your engagement ring doesn't show off your personal style look for an edgy wedding band. You might want to exchange wedding bands on a significant anniversary which allows for more versatility in your jewelry wardrobe.

The wedding band should coordinate with the solitaire engagement ring. You might feel like you have to match your everyday jewelry to your wedding band. Look for a piece that coordinates two or three colors of gold. A tri gold ring will have white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. A hammered finish adds an unusual texture to a woman's wedding ring.

Gemstones add color and an unusual element to a solitaire diamond. You can use your birthstone in your wedding band or the gemstone that corresponds to the month that you were married. If you want a high-end look find colored diamonds. A wedding band with white and colored diamonds will coordinate with a diamond solitaire.

You can show off your heritage or love of vintage fashion with a wedding band. Look for a Celtic wedding ring to celebrate your Irish roots. You can also find wedding bands with Gaelic phrases on the outside of the band such as "Mo Anam Cara" meaning "My Soul Mate." Vintage style bands include filigree work. Vintage bands can be thin and less expensive than having a band with several rows of diamonds.

Consider buying multiple bands. You can wear a band on either side of a solitaire diamond to act as a ring guard. You can use sentimental rings, like a band from each side of your family as rings to represent your union.

Talk to your fiancé or husband about wearing your wedding band separately from your engagement ring. This lends versatility but can also be more practical. While it's an nontraditional method a solitaire diamond might catch on clothes or get in the way of daily work. If you want to wear your wedding band individually looks for a ring that will still catch the eye with several rows of diamonds. An edgy band adds color and personality to the wedding-ring set and you can wear it with a traditional solitaire ring.