Paying homage to the carefree days of youth, everyone enjoys blowing bubbles at weddings to send the happy couple off to their honeymoon. From the youngest guest to the oldest, these wedding favors add a touch of whimsy to your wedding--and to your photographs when caught floating across the frame. Admittedly, they're a fun way to end the day, but many people don't think about the versatility that comes in these tiny little bottles. No longer the plain white containers of yesterday, they've been dressed up, designed and decorated for the modern bride.

Cowboy Boots

Looking to rcowboy boot wedding bubblesound up a great getaway for the bride and groom? Cowboy boot wedding bubbles add an unexpected down-home flair to rodeo, cowboy or western weddings, as guests get a hoot out of this boot. Accented with raised hearts and traditional boot details, it's just one of the many shapes available to enhance your wedding theme.

Themed Toppers

These daybutterfly wedding bubbless, you'll find a lot of themes atop these little bottles. From roses and hearts to butterflies and wedding bands, the top of the basic white bottle has been molded into a variety of shapes for you to choose from. Planning a garden wedding? Flowers are perfect. How about a spring celebration? A butterfly theme would set everyone's heart a flutter. Even if you have an unusual theme, romantic hearts are always appropriate.


Bubble wandwedding bubble wandss are a sleek option with sophisticated style. The long, slender tube is filled with translucent solution that makes it an elegant addition to any affair. The tube can easily be personalized with a clear sticker imprinted with your names and wedding date or accented with ribbon in your wedding colors.

Bride and Groom

Mr. andbride and groom wedding bubbles Mrs., it's your day, celebrated in every detail. So, why not let one of those details be your wedding favors? Shaped like a bride and groom, these two bottles (one black and one white) wear a dapper tuxedo and a beautiful gown and make a delightful duo-just like you! A great complement to black and white weddings, they can be used with just about any wedding color scheme.

Wedding Cakes

With this desigwedding cake bubblesn, guests can have their cake and "blow" it too. Shaped like a tiered wedding cake, it definitely celebrates your wedding day with sweet style. A universal symbol for weddings, the mini cakes can be placed at each place setting or picked up on the way out the door as guests wish you well.


What better champagne wedding bubblesway to "toast" the happy couple than with a glass of bubbly!? Far from the traditional bottle design, these wedding favors actually look like glasses of champagne or a bottle of the good stuff. Although they're only able to "bubble" when guests use the wand to blow bubbles over the bride and groom when they leave the reception, they add new meaning to the phrase "a glass full of bubbly" and can be used at just about any celebratory event, especially a New Year's Eve wedding.