Do it Yourself!

wedding centerpieces on a budget

Sounds kind of rude doesn't it? You come looking for ways to make nice a wedding centerpiece on a budget, yet I tell you to do it yourself. But to be perfectly frank, these are the best ways to save a lot of money. DIY wedding centerpieces are basically generic components of inexpensive items you can find at grocery stores. Rather than buying them from a brand name store, just browsing the aisles of the same store you buy milk and eggs from could save you tons of money. But even if you're not creatively inclined and not big into arts and craft, there are still ways you can save money on your event by using wedding centerpieces on a budget. Here are a few you might consider.

One Example

When searching for flowers, the first thing you usually do is browse the phone book for florists, but grocery stores often have a flower section that can sometimes be cheaper. If browsing through the many available options your nearest flouriest has, before going to checkout, check and see if a supermarket has those same kinds of flowers possibly at a cheaper price. I know, I's not cool rejecting the mom & pop shop for those evil big box stores you see popping up everywhere, so if it's a small mom and pop business, do them a favor and purchase your flowers there. If not, then go the cheaper route.

Asking for Help

Using a wedding planner can sometimes give you discounts on wedding supplies like florists. They will have special business relationships with companies so that you can get a lower price on your items. Also, letting the wedding planner know your budget when it comes to centerpieces will give you an experienced partner in meeting your financial goals.

Double it Up!

Doubling wedding favors is another way you can find wedding centerpieces on a budget. You can organize favor boxes on the tables to look presentable. Maybe build a small triangular structure on each table or arrange them into a square with a small floral item in the center. You'd have enough for each person seated to take one home on every table. You could also double the bridesmaid's bouquets and use those as centerpieces for your reception. Just purchasing one set of flowers for your wedding instead of multiple ones always saves you a buck or two at checkout.

Blow it Up!

Not the wedding! Just the centerpieces. You could purchase inexpensive balloons wholesale that match the color theme of your wedding. Just attach three or so together per table with pieces of candy weighing them down. You could place tulle over each inflatable centerpiece to give it a more elegant appearance.

Throw it Away!

No, not the centerpieces! Oh wait...yeah, the centerpieces. In fact, you're supposed to dispose of these because they're disposable cameras. Place one per table so that the resident photographer can capture the many Kodak moments that will inevitably occur during the reception. You can place a single red rose next to each camera (as opposed to a whole bouquet) with a small bowl of candy that can be found in bags at the grocery store.

Many More

There are plenty of other ideas you can find on the net to help you lower the costs of your wedding centerpieces. If you don't live on the rich side of town, doing things to offset a high-priced wedding will ensure you'll be able to make that next house payment. Things like purchasing inexpensive wedding rings, using wedding rental companies and buying items in bulk will give you the opportunity to maybe lavish a bit more on the honeymoon. Not to say everyone who desires a cheaper wedding is on the verge of foreclosure (and if you are, you should be heading to the nearest courthouse to let the judge marry you two right now!), but making wise financial decisions on the big day will surely be a good start for the rest of your lives.