Deciding on a wedding color can be overwhelming and confusing. If you cannot decide which colors you like, you may want to take some tips from nature itself. Inspire your wedding colors depending on the season or the month you will be having your wedding day. By using a combination of colors that go along with the season creates a cohesive and thematic wedding that you have been preparing and waiting for.

bridal bouquetThe winter season offers a host of colors that can be good to choose, like white, gold, blue, silver, grey, and even the Christmas colors of red and green. There are many year-end festivities that you can use as theme for the wedding, like winter, Christmas and the New Year. Many of us love the beautiful look that snow creates. To celebrate this time of the year, white is the easiest and most common choice. Don't limit just the bride to wearing white in the wedding day. Instead allow the bridal party, and even the guests to wear the purest of all colors, white. Black and white is also a formal but chic combination. The contrast creates a formal look, and the color combination extends well for as long as the celebration of New Year. Blue and white can also be a very good color combination for the Hanukkah season. It can replace the traditional red and green, although some may also opt for the conventional choice. Lastly, silver or grey mixed with blue and white is very classy and suited for winter weddings.

For spring, the collection of colors is enormous. The plethora of natural colors bloom during this time of the year and are directed towards the shades of blue, pink, lilac and brown. Celadon, a soft greenish hue can be in perfect combination with a bright shade of pink, such as fuchsia, to create a contrasting effect. The combination of pink and a light shade of blue can also be chic and fabulous. To make the contrast evident, opt for dark shades of pink to match with the light blue shade. Chocolate brown and lilac is also a pair that creates a very nature-like look.

The color combinations for summer may contain various shades of orange, yellow, green and blue. To create a dramatic yet warm look for your wedding, choose the orange and mint green combination. Adding brown as accent may also perfect this orange wedding theme. Tangerine and deep red also makes a very fiery and romantic wedding perfect for the season. Royal blue and sun yellow creates the image of the sea and the sun, ideal for nautical weddings.

Lastly, for autumn, use trees as inspiration for the wedding color. Brown and taupe may be ideal for creating a calm, clean yet warm mood. Burnt orange and brown creates a natural fall-like ambience. Celadon and brown is nice during an autumn wedding, in variation to the season's color which is green and brown. Yellow mixed with brown will create a stunning, natural wedding theme, perfect for the season.