Using cupcakes in a wedding is not something that is new. Wedding cupcakes have become more popular as a way to bring some interest in the tasty treats that are served at the big day. From the great different flavors that you can capture in these small baked goods to the many amazing ways that you can use them, you are going to want to look into including them in your day.

If you are at a lost for how to incorporate wedding cupcakes into your event, this list of ideas is a great place to get started. These are some of the more common uses for this baked good. However, you want to remember that you can always get creative and come up with your own unique uses.

Idea One: Decoration

Who said that wedding decorations only have to be flowers? Artfully decorated cupcakes can make amazing decorations for any event. You can use them to make your table setting pop. It is also possible to make towers out of them to use as center pieces. The ideas that you can get from just looking at some of the amazing ways that this baked good can be decorated can be enough to make your big day stand out in a good way.

Idea Two: Name Card Holders

When you are setting up the tables at your wedding, you can use the basic folded card with everyone's name on it to tell people where to sit. This is the usual custom and very satisfactory. If you want to take it to the next level, you could use wedding cupcakes for the same purpose. Use toppers placed in the cakes as a place to put printed cards of who sits where. Your guests will really have a lot to talk about when they see this sitting on a table.

Idea Three: Wedding Cake

Have you ever been to an event and only had one flavor of cake? Using wedding cupcakes instead of a single cake can have many advantages and being able to have different flavors is just one of them. You can have two or more different types of this baked treat for guests to choose from. The other nice thing about going this route is that you can plan better for how much that you are going to need. This means less leftovers after the celebration is done.

Idea Four: Party Favors

There are these adorable little boxes that you can place wedding cupcakes into to make them into amazing party favors. You can have them decorated in the theme of your big day and give them to family and friends as a way to have a sweet reminder of the fun that they had with you.

Going traditional for your wedding is something that many people choose to do. However if you want your event to be something that people will be talking about long after it is over, it is time to think outside of the box. In this case it time to think outside of a regular cake. Wedding cupcakes are a unique and easy way to jazz up any reception.