You must be aware of the growing trend of wedding cupcakes served at weddings instead of big traditional wedding cakes.

Wedding cupcakes let you serve different flavors of cake and icings, and you can choose one design for decoration or three or five, the choice is yours. You don't have to make up your mind as with a standard large wedding cake, where you have to have one decoration style and that's it. For your wedding, choose the designs yourself and have them catered, or bake them yourself and freeze them until the morning of the wedding or even the night before if you decorate them right away so they don't dry out. You can certainly find a few friends willing to help decorate your cupcakes. It's a fun activity and one that can amuse and relax the wedding party before the big event.

The wedding cupcakes should be as gorgeous as the bride's dress. Match the icings to your wedding colors to whip a splash of harmony. To make your cupcakes as unique as your wedding, you can customize the decorations to the bride's bouquet, adding fresh edible flowers on the icing for a dazzling effect. You can add monograms, the bride and groom's, already made and store bought or make your own out of fondant with cookie cutters in the shapes of the letters. Wait until the fondant has hardened and place them on the cupcake icing. Design your own decoration with a choice of sugar pearls, silver or gold dragees, sugar crystals, edible gold leaf, petal dust, fondant or gum paste cut-outs.

Sometimes the simpler the better: a cream colored fondant icing with silver dragees sprinkled on top create a very stylish and traditional look. The icing can match the wedding color and decorated with sugar hearts. Or just colored icing in a high swirl added with a star-shaped nozzle then lightly sprinkled.

Go crazy and make the wedding cupcake of your dreams: lavishly decorated with big swirls of light icing, recalling flower shapes, with fresh leaf stems and baby's breath between the cupcakes that you can wrap in loose paper and tied with a ribbon; or big blobs of icing with chocolate-covered strawberries on top; why not sugar butterflies on top of little flowers drawn on the cupcake? The ideas are limitless. Choose your favorite one.

Now, how to place them. You can find big stands with many tiers, up to six, to present your cupcakes in a stylish elegant way, round or square. Some stands are crowned with a small flat surface on top where you can put a small cake, matching the cupcakes of course, for the cake-cutting ceremony.

You can place them on different cake stands, some lower, some higher, for a beautiful presentation. Putting a two-tiered stand with cupcakes on each table after dinner is also a great way for guests to serve themselves, and you won't have to pay caterers for the cake cutting. This way, people who are stuffed can hold off on dessert and others can have two!