Wedding cakes are one of the iconic staples of a wedding. They are traditional and rightly so. The wedding cake is the next best centerpiece of the wedding after the bride and groom. Unfortunately, it can be one of the most expensive aspects as well. One great alternative for the price conscious wedding is wedding cupcakes!

While they may not be the traditional fare at most weddings, wedding cupcakes can be a fun and cost effective alternative to traditional wedding cakes. Also, nothing is lost in elegance with wedding cupcakes, because, as with most things in a wedding, presentation is everything.

Why Should I Consider Wedding Cupcakes?

While the benefits and advantages of wedding cupcakes are many and varied, below are a few of the top reasons to make the switch in your wedding plan.

1. Low Cost - Wedding cupcakes are generally a much more low cost alternative. You can make the cupcakes yourself at home, or you can have them made for you. Keep in mind your guest list if you decide to make them yourself. You can quickly find yourself making hundreds of wedding cupcakes!

2. Endless Variety - Wedding cupcakes can come in many different colors from the frosting to the cake itself. Also, don't be afraid to dress up the wedding cupcakes with sprinkles or edible flower designs. Wedding cupcakes offer versatility and can easily tie into the theme of your wedding.

3. Predetermined Portions - One major aspect of wedding cupcakes that makes them ideal for weddings is the fact that they are all uniform in size. This means that everyone receives the same amount of cupcake and nobody is left wanting. This may seem like a small detail, but when you have to manage the well being of all your wedding guests, you might be glad to have the ease of wedding cupcakes.

4. Easily Transported - Wedding cupcakes have a unique advantage in that they are more portable than traditional wedding cakes. This is actually a big advantage because we have all heard the horror stories of weddings that have gone awry due to a cake disaster. Wedding cupcakes can really minimize this risk because they are very easy to store, transport, and clean up after the wedding is over.

Best Places to Find Wedding Cupcakes

Make Them Yourself - As mentioned above, one of the benefits is that you can make all of your wedding cupcakes at home. All you have to do is head down to your local supermarket and buy the ingredients. Make sure to have some cupcake pans available. If you don't have cupcake pans, then you can find them at the store or online.

Local Store - Check out your local grocery store's bakery section. Often, they will have package deals already prepared for giving you a quote for your wedding cupcakes. An even lower cost choice might be a large wholesale store like Costco, Wal-Mart, or Sam's Club. These can really easily provide you with a large number of wedding cupcakes at a low price.

If you decide to use wedding cupcakes as your alternative, try to steer clear of traditional wedding outlets. As you probably may have discovered, anything with the word, "wedding" doubles and triples in price. There are too many low cost alternatives that wedding cupcakes present that are too attractive to be ignored.

Take some time and consider wedding cupcakes as an alternative option to the traditional wedding cake. If tradition is in mind, take heart in the notion that wedding cupcakes are quickly growing in popularity and they are more accepted by guests as a decent addition to your wedding. Good luck with your wedding and enjoy the wedding cupcakes!