Plus Size Bride

Choosing a wedding dress can be one of the most stressful events for a bride to be. There will be loads of opinions from well meaning relatives and friends about what type of dress you should wear.

They will all bring you pictures and catalogues about what dresses they would wear, and try to convince you to do the same.

But you have to be practical here. What if you are a plus size bride? Nothing wrong with that, since more than 60% of North American women are considered plus size, which is size 14 and up. You are going to want a dress that hugs the right curves for you, you are not going to feel comfortable in skin tight dress.

But it is amazing, what our well meaning friends and relatives will try to push on us, as soon as they find out we are getting married and planning a wedding. A relative of mine was so determined to fit into the "style of the day" that she went on a starvation diet for the week before her wedding, on advice from a well meaning friend, and actually does not remember much of her special day, because she felt weak and sick, but she fit in that dress.

But, no one wants to feel weak and sick on their special day right? So, you have to go shopping for a dress with ONE other person, whether it is your mother or your best friend, you can't have 5 friends all shoving dresses at you to try on. There will be always be 5 other opinions on what you should wear. Here are a few tips you should always go by in order to have the special wedding dress for that special day:


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if you are concerned that a wedding dress will cling to unwanted areas, then consider shapewear, it still lets you breathe in comfort while make you look slimmer.

1. Figure out what you want before you even start looking, or sneak a look at wedding dresses without anyone else with you, to get some ideas, so that you are not overwhelmed when people are with you.

2. Remember, your goal is to flatter the body you have, not try and fit into a specific size number! This part is really important. If you try and squeeze into a dress that is too small for you, in order to say it is a size "9" or less, then you will actually look fatter then if you get fitted into a dress that flatters your body now. Those rolls will have to go somewhere, and they are likely to pop out where you don't want them too.

So, unless you think breathing is just an "option" then start looking for a dress that will flatter your body style.

3. No one says it has to be pure white! If you look absolutely ghostly in a pure white wedding dress, then go for an ivory or off white, this can give your skin tone better colour, or add a bit a colour at the neckline or a decorative accent in a different colour. You want a dress that flatters your body you have now (not the one you are going to starve yourself for) and one that suits your skin tones. You don't want to have gobs of makeup to offset a ghostly colour.

4. There are also no rules on the length of a wedding dress. Traditionally, they tend to be at least floor length, but if you are say, planning a daytime weddings, or a more casual wedding, you might look at one that falls to the ankles or even shorter.

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you want to be able to breathe so being stuffed into a too small a wedding dress is not an option. Consider shapewear to get rid of unwanted rolls and flab, you can still breathe!

5. Lastly, comfort is the most important aspect of a wedding dress. Style and fit should come second. If you are not comfortable, you will be pulling and tugging and look painful in your wedding photo's! If you love the style, and fit, but something doesn't feel right, see if you can get it altered to feel better. Don't just grin and bear it. For the price we pay for wedding dresses and gowns, you want this dress to fit right and feel good.

Once you have your wedding dress figured out, you will need to consider the type of shoe you will wear. This will totally depend on the type of wedding you are having. If you are having an outdoor wedding then, you are not going to want 4 inch heels! Just as you are not likely going to want a wedding dress with a big long train, that will drag through all the leaves and grass at an outdoor wedding.

This is your special day, although it doesn't hurt to eat right and exercise, do NOT starve yourself to fit in a particular dress. If you get the right one, whether it is a size two or twenty two, and it fits all the right curves, you will look amazing, feel good, and enjoy the day, and not be in total pain when you take it off that night!