Wedding Entertainment

Wedding entertainment is important if you want your guests to have a memorable and fun time while starting your new life with your spouse. You want to enter this new stage in life with excitement and jubilee, and the right entertainment can help you achieve that. There are instrumental artists that can give your wedding an elegant sound with soothing background music, or bands that'll bring more of a contemporary sound to the event. DJs are other popular choices as they can offer a wide variety of musical styles to your wedding and can help move the program along. Most importantly though, depending on the personalities of the two getting married, the music should compliment the union while adding to the overall experience of the event.


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DJs are versatile as they can take requests and play quality music with the equipment they have available. They can also setup karaoke so the guests can share any singing talent they may have. Who knows, a tribute band might form out of the experience. DJs also have equipment for lighting if dancing were a big part of the reception, and also provide personality as they can often MC the event. DJs are paid by the hour and they range from between $100 to $300. If you have a friend or family member who has a fun personality and a good taste in music, you could just purchase or rent out the equipment and have them organize the event.


Instrumental artist can include ethnic bands that can fit to a specific theme:

  • Mariachi bands will enhance the festive atmosphere of your event with skillful playing on cultural instruments. The term "Mariachi" is believed to be a modification of the term marriage in French, so it's definitely fitting.
  • A string quartet will play classical music with two violins a viola and a cello. Great for those planning a traditional wedding and looking to have ballroom dancing at their wedding. Of course, you don't have to dance, you can just socialize while enjoying the music in the background.
  • A jazz band will give your wedding rhythm with the percussion or create a relaxing atmosphere with smooth saxophone sounds. There's even instrumental rock for those who enjoy a little noise in their wedding. It all depends on your tastes.

Live Music

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Live bands are for those who want the music to be a feature instead of something played in the background. You can dance to live music and have sort of a concert feel to it. If you have a favorite local band, you could contact the agent for time availability and price. Local bands are usually happy to respond as they're trying to get their name out and the only way to do that is by making appearances. Alternatively, if you have the funds you could request a famous band to come play at your wedding, but in most cases tribute bands are what people seek after. If you find the right tribute band, your guests won't be able to tell the difference. They may not have the exact likeness of the band their impersonating, but if the sound is on point, then that's all that matters.

Up to you

Wedding entertainment can turn your memorable wedding into an exciting and memorable wedding. When researching who you might employ as a entertainer, be sure to check with past customers to see if they're adequate for your event. Entertainment isn't restricted to music either, live acts could be performed at a wedding to give it a different twist. If you have an Hawaiian themed wedding, hula or Hawaiian fire dancers can provide good entertainment for your guest to enjoy. You could also have hip hop dancers, Latin dancers and other performers to entertain at your wedding. Whatever style you're into would be the deciding factor in who'd you choose to perform. And even though you'd want everyone to enjoy themselves, this is your day so don't be afraid to select entertainment that the two of you prefer despite the varying tastes of your guests. Besides, you can always announce what entertainment is going to be provided in the wedding invitations.

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