Wedding favors give you a chance to thank your guests for supporting your big day. If you are on a budget you might be tempted to skip the favors altogether because all those little baubles really add up quickly. This can be considered tacky and in bad taste. You don't have to have a huge budget to give wedding party favors. Here are a few tips to give gifts your guests will actually like.

Think about practicality. You might have been to a few weddings where you took home the favor and felt obligated to keep it because they put so much work into it. You might have even wondered "What am I supposed to do with this now?" There are a lot of baubles that are just useless and you don't want to do that to your guests. Give your guests something they can actually use such as food. For a country wedding you could give jars of homemade jam. For a fun wedding favor try stacking different sizes of sugar cookies on top of each other so they look like a wedding cake. Jordan almonds are a traditional favor but there are a lot of other unique ideas out there that will taste just as good if not even better. You can even have your monogram or photo put on M&Ms for a one of a kind favor that everyone will love.

Fit the wedding favors in with the theme of your wedding. You don't want your favor table to stand out as looking cheap. This can cheapen the look and feeling of your entire wedding. For an elegant affair give candles. If you are having a garden wedding then try giving customized seed packets.

Give an ornament. There is one time of year where we all bring out stuff we don't really need: at Christmas. Even if you aren't having a Christmas wedding you can still give your guests something that they can remember you by at the holidays. If you want to personalize your favor then make it removable like a monogrammed date with your name and wedding date. This way it's more likely that your guests will actually use the item. For a traditional wedding this could be something simple like a dove or bell.

Head to the dollar store. You can make favors even if you aren't a crafter. You could get bags of sea glass at the dollar store and then turn them into magnets for a beach themed wedding. You could also go to the dollar store for their after Christmas sale and find boxes full of plain glass ornaments. You can decorate them by swirling craft paint in your wedding colors in the inside. The key to shopping at the dollar store for craft items is to really branch out from the craft store and find new uses for items.

Putting together hundreds of gifts is enough to turn anyone into a bridezilla. With a little planning you can give your guests gifts that they'll actually use. Don't get stressed with the details, just give yourself plenty of time to work on the projects and don't go overboard. Remember that it's just the thought that counts.