Wedding favor matches are another highly creative and inexpensive way to put your personal stamp on a wedding. The traditional wedding favor has been given an upgrade with brides now able to choose from literally hundreds of cheap wedding favors. With the cost of weddings always on the rise, it is important to cut costs whenever possible, but without sacrificing style or uniqueness. An inexpensive wedding favor can still help the celebration and provide another avenue to tie into a theme or incorporate a special color into the room. Wedding favor matches are a hot way to decorate guest tables and can even be used with other favors.

Wedding favors were often things to be used during the reception. Today, it is popular to give friends and families small items that can be taken home as a memento of your Wedding Favor Matchesspecial day. None of these things have to be expensive and they can be very creative. Modern wedding planners often use birdseed favors, designer rice favors, or honey wedding favors in jars or honey straw form. These are all environmentally friendly and inexpensive. Others use a combination of two or more favors to create a distinctive setting. Shot glass wedding favors can be used as votive candleholders and it is with these that many opt for a personalized match wedding favor. Placed next to the glass holder, these matches are decorative and functional. Often as part of a speech or honor to the new couple, guests are asked to light their candles as a sign of the eternal flame of love that burns within the newlyweds. This simple ritual can provide a feeling of intimacy and inclusion even during the biggest reception.

It does not matter what style or theme of wedding that a couple is planning because there is a set of matches that will suit their needs. The packaging includes: upright barrel designs, Euro style slim boxes, full boxes, triangular boxes, as well as traditional strike matchbooks. All of these can be personalized with greetings, dates, names or other messages. Many companies can also design packaging to include graphics or even photos. There are a whole spectrum of colors and font styles available. Foil and embossing are other options. If a couple can dream it, there is a wedding supply house that can manufacture and deliver the goods.

Pricing is one of the best things about wedding favor matches. They are incredibly affordable especially in bulk. The upright barrel packages will range in price, but generally these canisters are the most expensive at around $2.50 to $3 each. The various size boxes are next in price and usually can be bought for just under a $1 each. Matchbooks are the most affordable and can be bought in quantity for as little as twenty-five cents each. Of course, styles can be mixed and matched. Family can be given more expensive varieties with other guests receiving commemorative matchbooks. These are definitely one of the cheapest wedding favors on the market today.

Modern weddings are incredibly stressful and require months of careful planning. Fortunately, match favors can be ordered and delivered quickly without breaking the budget. If there is not a local wedding supply house that can offer a range of styles, there are many great retailers including Amazon where you can order wedding favor matches online. So, if you are considering something different than consider these favors. They are inexpensive and can be pocketed by your guests afterwards as a reminder of your love and special day. Every time throughout the rest of the year when they use these matches, they can think of you and your beautiful ceremony that they were a part of.