Modern brides are increasingly looking for creative and inexpensive ways to individualize their weddings. Wedding favor pens are interesting and unexpected choices that are becoming quite popular. What makes personalized wedding pens such a great choice? The answer is simple: affordability and customizability.
With wedding budgets sometimes strained to the breaking point, it is nice to know that there is a cheap wedding favor that will still be well received.

Most people have no idea that wedding favor pens even exist, but once they see the wide selection of choices it quickly makes sense as a viable option. There are literally hundreds of pen combinations that can be crafted to satisfy even the most finicky bride. The options are astounding: satin wrapped pens, ball point retractables, fountain pens, mini-pens and even pens with rotating messages! Yes, incredible as it sounds there are pens that can display up to four rotating messages to spell out any greeting that is desired all with the click of a button. Even these deluxe billboard style pens can still be found for less than $3 each. Simpler pens can be bought in bulk for well under a dollar each. The body styles vary and, of course, there are all the colors of the rainbow available. They can be found in matte, metallic or glossy finishes. It is easy to choose a fancy script or simple font to spell out a message and there are even different ink types and colors that can be found in personalized wedding pens. There are even special themes that are commonly used with wedding and romance appropriate graphics.

Getting a wedding pen is only the start of the fun. The reception is a great place to interact with family and friends and here is where a unique wedding favor will really pay off. Because they are so inexpensive, they can be used with small wedding theme notepads. Placed on each table, guests can be encouraged to write down a page of advice or well wishes. Children can even get in on the fun by drawing a special wedding picture for the new couple. It is up to the bride and groom, but these notes can be read during the reception, saved for the honeymoon, or read aloud to one another on the couple's first anniversary. Each tangible message of love and well wishes from family and dear friends can bring laughter, smiles, or tears, but is a great way to remember that most special of days. It is amazing the priceless memories that can come from such an inexpensive item!

Wedding Pen Favors and Personalized Wedding Pens FavorsUnlike many traditional wedding favors not every town will have a company that can design and produce custom wedding pens in bulk or on short notice. The Internet, fortunately, has dozens of reputable companies ready to fill any sized order. Often these companies will also carry the small notebooks that many couples use to accompany these pens. Some companies do have a minimum, but it is usually a small number such as a quantity of 25. A couple needs to only pick a body style, font, pen color, ink color and then craft a special message to celebrate their love. The order will be processed quickly and delivered in plenty of time for the wedding day festivities. Amazon is one of many retailers where a couple can order wedding favor pens. These unique favors are inexpensive and a great way to have fun. The ink can be an indelible reminder of a couple's commitment to one another and the messages received will be treasured memories for years to come.

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