Having a lasting memento of a special occasion serves as a constant reminder of the joy associated with that event. This is what makes wedding favours so popular – these small gifts are a tangible symbol of your celebration and a way for a bride and groom to thank guests for sharing their day.

Where it all began
Wedding favours have been around for centuries in a variety of different forms. Their exact origin is unclear, but the idea of giving five almonds or candies – representing the wedding wishes of happiness, health, wealth, longevity and fertility – is common to many cultures. In Italy and Greece, almonds were given to celebrate important occasions such as births, christenings and marriages.

Also known as "bomboniere", these may have begun as gifts of gold, precious stones or porcelain exchanged by the European aristocracy in the middle Ages. As the practise reached all sections of society, sugar-coated almonds (known as confetti) were given to guests.

Today, guests attend Indian and French weddings still receive a delicate bag of lace and ribbon containing five sugared almonds. Five is a prime number that can't be divided, just as the newlywed couple will remain undivided. A similar gift is also at Dutch and Middle Eastern weddings. At traditional Greek weddings sugar-coated almonds, called koufetta, are served to guests. Greek tradition says that an unmarried woman will dream of her future husband when she puts the almonds under her pillow.

Heres a few wedding favour ideas to get you started:

  1. A delicate Christmas ornament in the colour/s of your wedding theme will remind friends and family of your special day every time they decorate their tree.
  2. Lotto or scratch 'n' win tickets are a fun option – one of your guests might strike it lucky!
  3. Small picture frames can double as placecard holders. You can then enclose a photo with your thankyou card to put in the frame.
  4. Fill little terracotta pots with your favourite herb for a living favour that guests can pick and use in their cooking.
  5. Female wedding guests will love receiving lavender or vanilla-scented drawer sachets.
  6. Give flower bulbs, such as tulips or a packet of seeds in a small pot. Come spring, they'll make your wedding guests smile.
  7. Paper folding fans will keep everyone cool during the ceremony.
  8. Instead of almonds, wrap small scented soaps in tulle secured with a ribbon.
  9. Heart-shaped biscuit cutters are both cute and functional.
  10. Personalise miniature wine bottles with custom-made labels.
  11. A large striped candy can makes a bold and colourful favour.