Be Creative With Silk Flowers

Silk wedding flowers can be an affordable alternative to fresh flowers at a wedding. And they can provide variety that may be lacking at a particular season. Almost every flower imaginable is made in silk, and if you crave a flower that's out of season when you're getting married, or is out of your price range fresh, silk may be the answer. And because you're using something that will last, you can decorate at the rehearsal dinner, the church (if allowed) and at the reception, using the same arrangements in different locations. There are also display stands and cases available for displaying your wedding bouquet after the big day is over, and the arrangements can be refashioned into arrangements for the home. You'll have reminders of your special day throughout your home for years to come.

If you have the creativity and time (and patience) you can create your own floral arrangements. However, don't underestimate the amount of time it takes to make these arrangements. Most brides have enough on their plates without trying to do this as well. There are many experts who can create your ideal bouquet. Ask at local craft stores, or do a search online. Many online suppliers will send you samples, email you pictures of your arrangements during the fabrication process and generally are willing to create exactly what you envision for your bouquets.

Know your color scheme and stick to it, but be open to suggestions. Remember, you're now dealing with colors and flower choices in silk that may not have been available in fresh flowers. Your palette and choices have expanded. But don't lose focus on the original colors you've decided on. If pink is your color, and roses were your choice, stay within the pink family, but look at lilies, mums, or other flower choices. If offered suggestions for complimentary colors, for example a soft apricot rose with pink lilies, take a look and give it a chance. Apricot roses may not have been an option before and may add just enough contrast to the arrangements to make them sensational.

Know the time line for crafting your creations. It takes time to put together an entire wedding party's floral arrangements. If you're promised almost overnight service, be wary. You may be getting pre-made or previously used arrangements. If you're working with someone local, ask if you can stop in and see the progress periodically. If you're dealing with an online crafter, read their testimonials and ask for references. And then call those references. Ask for emails during the progress as well, to check that all is headed in the right direction.

And allow the arrangers plenty of time to craft your arrangements. Since they are not fresh, they can be made well ahead of the wedding date. If you do have them shipped any length of time before the big day, inspect them on arrival to make sure they are exactly as you ordered and they are all accounted for. Keep them in their original shipping packaging and store them in a place where they won't get crushed or exposed to dust, pet hair or excessive moisture. You want them to stay as perfect as they were when they arrived.

Some arrangements can do double duty. Table top arrangements can be used at the rehearsal dinner and the reception. Ask the staff at the rehearsal dinner venue to place some on the tables. Just remember to ask a family member to take them when the dinner is done. Then use them again at the reception hall.

If your church allows decoration of the church pews, a few of those can be used to decorate the head table. Plastic table clips from your florist can be used to attach several along the front of the table. Others can be attached to the backs of chairs of special family members or guests that aren't seated at the head table but you wish to recognize. Because these are in areas where people will be active, they may sustain some damage. Explain to the person crafting your flowers that you intend on using some arrangements in more than one location and they can build in special clips or hangers for those purposes.

Steer clear of scented silk flowers. It's tempting to continue the illusion of real flowers with scent, but many scented silks are overpowering or clash with other scented flowers or any scent the bride wears. There is nothing that can replace the scent of real fresh flowers and in this case, there is no reason to try to replicate nature.

Enjoy your big day! And remember no matter how beautiful the flowers are or how real they look, the focus will be on you...the beautiful bride. Be radiant.