Wedding guest gift baskets are just another one of those things to add to the list of jobs that a bride-to-be must think about.  It is, however, a pleasant little chore and one that you can start planning long before the big day.  

Usually a basket will be left for the guests who are arriving from out of town and staying at a local hotel.  It will hold items which are useful for them to use during their stay and perhaps some items which are traditional to the area and locally produced.  It is not supposed to be a hamper which will keep them fully fed during their stay, nor is it meant to be a grand and expensive gift. Some brides and bridegrooms like to offer all their guests a gift basket actually at the wedding reception, as a keepsake and souvenir of having shared their day.  These two options do vary slightly as a wedding guest gift basket which is solely for the use of out of town guests can include much more local and practical bits and pieces rather than just some wedding cake and souvenirs.

Guests staying at hotels, particularly if they have travelled from afar, may be keen to get to know the area a little and it is always good to include some local information regarding places to visit and local restaurants.  Make sure beforehand that the leaflets that you include and the places that you recommend are all good quality and not going to leave you embarrassed!  If you have a lot of guests coming for a few days then a local restaurant may even be willing to offer you a special price for your guests for the days of their visit and a gift token could be included.  It is rare that you would be including toiletries in the basket as the majority of hotels will include these anyway.  However, if you are in an area which is particularly known for it's local soap or perfume then you could include a small item.  

Including some little local produce is always a nice touch.  Perhaps you are getting married in an area which produces a particular biscuit or pastry which could be added.  As I have said, a wedding guest gift basket is not really expected to be a tremendously expensive present, especially if you have a great many to provide, so do not think that you have to go overboard.  Sometimes a thoughtful novelty can be more meaningful.  For all guests staying at a nearby hotel, some details regarding location of the hotel in relation to the church or hall and reception venue are vital.  In these days of GPS it is handy to include any postal and area codes that you have for these addresses too.

If you are going to provide a basket for the guests during the actual dinner or wedding reception it will usually include a piece of wedding cake and by tradition you may be giving your guests some sugared almonds as a favour.  It is also a good opportunity to pass on to all your guests a small handwritten note giving your thanks to them for having helped you to celebrate your special day.
Do not think that you have to impress your guests with anything excessive.  They are there with you to share your special day and would not want you to go out of your way and worry about providing them with gifts.  A small keepsake as a thank you in the form of a card or small favour will be sufficient.  I am sure that they will not need much to keep your special day close in their minds.