Wedding hair accessories will be next on your list after you have picked your dress.  

There are so many options in this phase of your shopping that it may drive you crazy!  What you need to decide is whether you want to wear traditional styling with a veil for example or whether you want to wear something a little fun, vintage or simply something that reflects you.

If you are getting your hair done for the day then you should bring your accessories for your wedding with you so that your stylist can place them before you even get dressed in your gown.  This way they will stay put and accent your beautiful features!

So, this is something you will want to purchase early.  This is the best part about shopping online as you can really take a good look at all the options out there.  If you are going to have a great stylist and are going to have it in an awesome style then why cover it up with a veil?  A well placed bridal hair clip could really accent your style as you can see in the picture.

wedding hair accessoriesCredit:
White Flower Bridal Wedding Hair Pins with Rhinestone Crystal Center (Pack of 8)
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these are so simple and yet have a great effect.

Wedding Headbands

These are a cross between a tiara and flower clips.  You get your hair done and then this is placed near the front of your head and can look absolutely stunning!  This dresses up your look and adds sparkle and polish.

This is the perfect way to add bling to your look without overdoing it.  It is a subtle sparkle and works well if you let your hairdresser works your hairdo based on the headband you have chosen.

So go shopping for these accessories then you will have them with you at the beauty salon or when getting your hairdo for your special day.

Bridal Wedding Tiara Crown Double Band With Leaves C5346
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this is perfect if you wear an updo

Tiara Wedding Headband

If you don’t want a veil but you want to make a statement with your hair then you can get a double tiara headband that will set your head in bright sparkles from the clear Austrian crystals and the shiny plated metal.  This works wonderfully with any updo.

If you are wearing an “updo” then this tiara can be place in front to give your style the bling and sparkle you are looking for.

Pair Of Rhinestones and crystals Flower Hair combs Tiara for Weddings, Proms, quinceanera or pageants
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these simple combs can really dress up your look.

Flower Clips or Combs

If you like to wear your hair pulled back at the sides, you can use these beautiful rhinestone sparkling combs to decorate your look.  These combs are very flexible and can actually help to keep everything in place depending on the hairstyle. 

Bridal Hair Accessories

This is your special day and you get to make your own rules for what you want to wear.  You can get a gorgeous veil to add to your gorgeous wedding gown, but maybe you would prefer to have your hair simply dressed with some bling or accessories. 

There are many options as you can see above for flower hair clips, wedding headbands, tiaras and more. 

Whatever you decide to use, you should bring it to your hairdresser and have them placed in your hair at the same time.  These wedding hair accessories will accent your hair and you!