Wedding ideas on a budget can oftentimes get out of control. The budget is really key for a wedding. It’s so easy to go over budget at the last second if there’s an emergency or you just forget a few items. Here are a few ways that you can set and stick to a wedding budget.

Really price out the cost of a venue. Initially it might seem like the biggest money saving idea in the world is just to have this event in your own backyard. While this is true you need to consider where your guests are going to park. Even if you have all of the food how are you going to keep it warm and what are you going to serve it on? Sometimes it can be even cheaper in the long run to go with a venue.

Allow for one splurge item in your budget. This could be your dress or your photographer. It should really be whichever item is going to be the most important to you. This way you won’t feel deprived. However, even if you do go over budget a little bit there can be a tendency at times to just throw the entire budget out the window. This is why it’s so important to really plan for splurge items. You might even want to save some money for emergencies or last minute expenses so you don’t go over budget.

Cut down on your bridal party. Sure, they will probably buy their own shoes and dress. However, you will have to get gifts for each bridal party member which can really add up. You can still stick with tradition but edit out any items that aren’t important to you. Maybe you really want a bouquet but the garter toss isn’t that important to you. Guest favors are usually a must but you might not need wedding programs.

Wedding ideas on a budget usually include a lot of DIY and craft projects. You need to know what you should leave to the professionals and what you can tackle yourself. You can probably print your own invitations. You could make a flower girl basket or ring pillow. However, asking family and friends to do bigger projects like altering your dress or baking the wedding cake can just add to the stress of the overall day and could even harm some of your relationships. The secret to wedding ideas on a budget is to know where to save money and where to spend it.

Wedding Ideas on a Budget
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