Your wedding is a day you have looked forward to for your entire life. You want to make sure that everything is perfect. You have planned, organized and agonized over every detail. But what happens if something goes wrong? Is there such a thing as wedding insurance? If so, what does it cover? Do you need wedding insurance? These are all very reasonable questions to ask.

There are two basic categories of wedding insurance. The first category covers those types of things that might cause your wedding to be cancelled, or otherwise be ruined. This type of wedding insurance is generally referred to as cancellation or postponement insurance. The second category of wedding insurance covers you in the event that something goes wrong at your wedding and someone sues you. This is referred to as wedding liability insurance.

Wedding Cancellation or Postponement Insurance

The countdown is on for your big day. Everything has been planned. More importantly, everything has been paid for, or at least, deposits have been made. This can be a considerable amount of money. What happens if you get sick and can't go through with the wedding on the day you have planned? Is all that money down the drain? What happens if terrible weather interferes with your ability to hold the wedding?

Cancellation or Postponement insurance covers against financial losses incurred because the wedding doesn't happen or gets postponed. It also covers things that might happen during the wedding as well. Suppose the bride's beautiful dress gets damaged, or the photographer ruins your pictures. What happens if the venue you have booked for the wedding burns down and you have to reschedule the whole thing? These are just a few examples of what this category of wedding insurance is for.

Wedding Liability Insurance

Your Uncle Bertram is a fun guy to have around. But – sometimes he gets a little bit overindulgent when there is alcohol to be had. What happens if he drinks too much at your wedding reception and begins to think that he is the best singer this side of Nashville? He walks up to the bandstand, grabs a microphone and starts crooning away. But then he spins around and knocks over the band's expensive guitars and speakers. They are damaged beyond repair. Who is going to pay for that?

Suppose someone gets injured at your wedding and decides to sue you? Is there anything you can do about that? These are just a couple of examples of what this category of wedding insurance is for.

If you are concerned about potential financial loss related to your wedding, you might want to contact an insurance professional and ask them if your current insurance covers these potential problems or if you should consider wedding insurance.