Stuff happens ... especially when everything must go along without any problems. This is particularly true on a special day or for a special event. The highlight of your life is your wedding day and everything about this day needs to be just right. After all, the average cost of a wedding today comes close to $30,000.

Your wedding is only ONE day in your life. Therefore, it should be insured against damages that are out of your control. If a "re-do" is necessary, it will not echo the special day that should have happened the first time around. At least insurance can help retrieve most of the costs of the day.


Wedding insurance covers your losses in the event that an outdoor wedding is forced indoors, your spouse is deployed unexpectedly or a sudden illness strikes without warning. Any one of these events could be emotionally and physically devastating, but it does not need to take you down financially as well. You can recoup the cost of the day - if you have wedding insurance.

The rising cost of this social event created the need for wedding insurance. Today, it is common for the couple to pay the entire cost of their wedding and about half of those couples exceed the budget. Some wedding expenses are covered by either of the currently available policies. This includes liability coverage against lawsuits, sudden death or unexpected illness as well as protection against damaged or non-refundable formal wear.


Some potential bridal mishaps are the topic of age-old horror stories. Currently, the scare is that the bridal shoppe disappears, declares bankruptcy or the dress experiences some damage. Fittings might not go as planned or the formal wear alterations are incomplete. Insurance may replace some of these costs - read the policy.

Almost every bride and groom make arrangements for the preservation of memories from this special day. This is usually in the form of photos or video. If something goes wrong here, you've just lost all the precious memories of your once-in-a-lifetime event. What if the photographer never appears and your guests provide the memories in the form of snapshots?


Some of the wedding insurance policies will cover the cost of re-assembling the wedding party for re-takes of photos or videos. Of course, living in a mobile society, this is not always feasible when people come from a distance. This is one of those circumstances where you will benefit by giving only a small deposit.

Wedding insurance will not cover "change-of-heart" situations. Any losses incurred by a runaway bride or a missing groom are definitely not covered. However, there are times when insurance will cover costs if paid by an innocent party. For instance, the father of the bride may be reimbursed if he can prove that he was financing the event. This coverage is a rare entity, but important enough to have the insurance agent confirm the terms of your policy.


If a parent has a chronic health condition and becomes ill before the wedding, this is not covered if and when the wedding is postponed. The situation involves a pre-existing condition. However, if the same person is very healthy and suffers a heart attack for the first time, wedding insurance may cover the postponement of the event. It is considered to be an unanticipated occurrence.

Of course, you have the choice to skip wedding insurance if the wedding is small and the costs are limited. However, consider the expenses of the small wedding. Wedding bands are expensive and could easily be lost or damaged. Most wedding insurance will pay for the repair or replacement.


Wedding gifts are another expensive item that may be stolen, damaged or lost in transit. Once again, the insurance policy commonly covers repair and/or replacement. The issuance of a wedding insurance policy is designed to protect your wallet from potential disasters that could occur.

Wedding Liability Insurance protects you against lawsuits and is often required by the venues that are part of your event. Wedding Event Cancellation/Postponement Plus Insurance protects the financial investment you have made and deposits that otherwise could be lost. Either policy is valuable in and of itself, but both protect you for anything that could go amiss.

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