The Do-it-Yourself Invitation

When it comes to wedding invitations, you want it to be formal and elegant while possessing a uniqueness only the two soon-to-be weds have. If you browse the card aisle in a grocery store, you'll see they'll all have polished and refined styles with impeccable wording. That's all fine, but if you want originality, creating wedding invitations yourself can make the occasion a bit more special. You'd be putting a personalized touch on an invitation which is usually better than the manufactured card someone you've never met produced. People who are generally passionate about planning weddings will want every small detail to be precise and personalized, especially the invitations. You can preface an invitation with a poem, a joke, or something that relates to the couple getting married. In the past, weddings were typically for life, and people used to write their invitations themselves (no wholesale packages needed) but nowadays with the divorce rate reaching new heights, and remarriages occurring constantly, the sacredness of these events has diminished. So if you want tips to help make your wedding one-of-a-kind, or you just need help getting started, continue reading.

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Gets the Job Done

For one, wedding invitations are always written in third-person. And usually whoever's hosting, their names are at the top. Traditionally, the bride's parents host the wedding, but if the couple themselves host it they'll be credited first. If a young couple, cuttings costs a bit with quality inexpensive engagement rings or marked-down wedding material might help when in a financial crunch. Whoever's hosting though, their names are featured on top followed by a request to the recipient to the wedding. The time and place would round out the invitation. Here's an example:


 Mr. and Mrs. John Doe

  cordially invite you at the wedding of their daughter

  Susan Doe


  Mark Sanchez

   at 3 o'clock on the fifth July

                                                   Westin Bonaventure Hotel

                                                                                        404  South  Figueroa  Street

                                                                                          Los  Angeles,  California

This is real strict and abides by stringent guidelines proper etiquette demands. As you can see, there's really not much thought put into it, but it certainly functions as an invitation should. You can add both the names of the parents as well to make it appear a bit more full. If the parents are deceased you can include lines like "daughter (or son) of the late John Smith" after the names of the two getting married. There are more variations you can find on the net to make it a little different from the next invitation, but that'll only take you so far when it comes to originality.


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The Wise Guy Invitation

Humor can make an invitation worth reading again besides just double-checking for information. This would take a different wedding invitation format. Instead of the hosts honored first, you'd start the invitation with something funny relating to the couple getting married. If both people getting married are doctors, you could start off with this:


Why do Doctors call what they do Practice?

 Because it takes Patients to be a good one.

The two ever-improving Doctors,

Mary Johnson


Bill Smith 

request the honor of your presence

at their marriage on Sunday,

March twentieth two thousand eleven

at 2 o'clock in the afternoon

Chamberlin West Hollywood Hotel

1000 Westmount Drive

West Hollywood, California


If there's something unique about the two getting married or an interesting family fact, adding humor to it makes the invitation entertaining and fun.

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Lyrical Invitations

Starting an invitation with a poem you created, if you're the lyrical type, can make for a great first-impression to your guests. You don't have to get all Shakespearean with your words, unless that's what you prefer, but it can be simple and inviting with a nice rhyming scheme. Of course, it doesn't need to rhyme, but some might not recognize it as a poem if you don't. Lyrical verses can describe the area in which the two are getting married. They can also build the occasion with meaningful words of grandeur. Popular ones include "And the two shall become one" or "Our life together begins this day". They shouldn't be too long, a quatrain stanza, or one with four lines, is probably the longest you want to go. This is not the place to showcase your best work.

All in the Details

There are a lot of things to consider when planning a wedding. Financial issues, finding the right material and choosing a theme are just a few of the hassles needing to be addressed. If you're hosting a big wedding, having a cheap engagement party or using a wedding rental company will help offset a high bill. Invitations are usually the least of people's concerns because they settle for just being etiquettely proper, but paying attention to detail and inputting a bit of style can add much more to the wedding you're planning.

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