A wedding is arguably the most important day in a woman's life, some may say childbirth surpasses a it. A wedding is a beautiful ocassion and the flowers that go along with it should be beautiful as well. Orchids can be selected from the wide variety of type availalble. With the numbers of orchids available in a multitude of colors matching the wedding colors should be no problem.

The wedding orchid that is used in the bride's corsage should consider that some of them can emit some strong fragrances. With many people having allergies it might be best to pick oneWedding Orchids on Groom for the brides corsage that has little to no scent. White and off white orchids are readily available and can be found with various sized petals. Maybe even select one that has varigated petals to add just a hint of color.

But wedding orchids need not be reserved only for the bride, as the picture shows, the groom can where a wedding an orchid as well.  It is also a big day for the groom.

Orchids can also be used extensively for decorating at the reception. At the reception they can be used as a stunning center piece on their long stem. Or the flowers can be floated in a large bowl of colored water as a dynamic centerpiece. Orchids can also be blended with other flowers in arrangements.  And edible orchids can be used to garnish the reception meal, although most guest will think they are too beautiful to eat.

A bride may also consider using potted orchids as centerpieces at the reception.  After the special day is over the guests can take them home or the new couple can add them to their new household.  Caring for orchids is not overly difficult although it is slight different than most house plants.  With some simple care, though, the flowers can provide lasting beauty for the wedding guest as well as the new husband and wife.

Not only are orchids beautiful they are also resistant to wilt. This can be very important on a hot day if there are pictures being taken outsite. They ship well, if they need to be shipped in for the wedding and there are variets of orchids that bloom at all times through out the year so a beautiful bloom should be available.

Wedding orhids have long stood for beauty, shouldn't they be a part of a beautiful wedding day?  They should not be the centerpiece of the big day, but they can accent the beauty of the bride.