Stress sometimes goes along with wedding planning. A person that has never planned a wedding before may not realize how much stress all the planning can place on a bride. However, there are a few things that brides stress over that they don't really need to (providing they plan ahead and can foresee that some issues will always arise.)

Having your pick of wedding venues means that you must be willing and able to plan your wedding months in advance. You cannot count on any particular venue being available to you unless you arrange for it months or years before your wedding day. Picking the right kind of wedding venue also means that you have to be able to afford it. Most venues will mandate that you place a generous deposit down in order to hold the building or location for the wedding date. Luxurious locations for your wedding don't need to cost a whole bunch of money, but do realize that they won't be extremely cheap either.

When planning your individual wedding, keep in mind that you and your husband's families may attempt to get you to invite plenty more guests than what you originally intended upon inviting. To save stress, you may invite the extras that each of your families want you to invite. However, think about the extra cost that will be involved with having many more guests there than what you ideally wanted. If you have a lovely reception dinner after your wedding, how much extra will it cost per plate to invite additional people? If you can justify the cost of inviting the additional people to your wedding and reception, then you should invite them. It is important, though, that people not tell you that you must invite certain people to your wedding. A lot of stress in the wedding planning process comes when the bride is being "bossed around" by other family members or friends. Do not let your family or friends control whom you place on your invitation list.

Picking out a gorgeous wedding dress for your wedding should be your decision. Do not let relatives from his or your family tell you what dress you must wear or even what accessories you should wear with it. Many times issues like this cause too much stress for the future bride. It is best to remember that you come first, as it is your wedding that you're planning for. You are capable of picking out the wedding gown and accessories that you want for your wedding.