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If you have spent the last few months planning your wedding, you probably started well in advance with a wedding checklist, and you’ve been very organized.  By the time you are approaching the last few weeks prior to your wedding day, you have already set a date, chosen venues for the wedding ceremony and the reception, and hired a caterer, florist, photographer, minister, and perhaps even a wedding coordinator.  You have also asked your friends to be bridesmaids and groomsmen, or assist you in other ways.  During the final weeks, however, there are several things that you need to make sure are absolutely clear to everyone involved, especially if you want to be sure your wishes are carried out.

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There are many little pieces that need to come together to create a fabulous wedding.  Large or small, whether you are on a tight budget or not, there is a lot of planning and organizing necessary to have the event turn out exactly the way you want.  Even though all the big decisions have been made, there is still plenty to keep you busy during the last few weeks prior to the big day. 

Listed below are just the arrangements that you need to make during these last few weeks.  Feel free to modify it to suit your needs.  For example, you may need to make travel arrangements for special family members, or you may want to prepare wedding gift bags for out of town guests.  However, by the time you are down to dealing with the last minute details in this article, you should have already made all the major decisions.

The Wedding Checklist For the Six Weeks Prior to the Wedding:

If you have a wedding website, which is common with many young couples today, be sure to update it about the same time you send out the invitations.  It should include information about your gift registry, as well as details about the wedding itself.  In addition, if you will be having out of town guests, you will want to make certain that your website contains accurate information about hotels, transportation, and similar information.

Confirm all your honeymoon travel plans.  If you are leaving the country, make sure that your documents, including passports, are all in order.

Choose your wedding accessories, if you haven’t already done so.  Pick out items such as your shoes, the jewelry you will be wearing, and any other special items.

Pick out gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

Make plans for beauty treatments around the time of the wedding.  For example, you may want to get a manicure and pedicure the day before the ceremony.  Then, the morning of the wedding, you will want to have hair appointments for you and the bridesmaids.  You may even be able to arrange for some stylists to come to the home or the hotel where the bride and her bridesmaids will be dressing.  If not, arrange for them to go to the hair salon a few hours before the ceremony.  All this needs to be set up several weeks prior to the wedding day.

 Now is the time to order wedding favors.  These can usually be purchased at the best prices online.

 The groom and groomsmen should be measured for their tuxedos.

During the few weeks prior to the wedding, the bride and her friends will want to have a bridal shower and/or a bachelorette party.  The groom and his friends will also get together for his bachelor party.  Often, the maid of honor and the best man make the arrangements for these events.

Pick out your “under-the-dress” essentials, and any romantic lingerie for your honeymoon.

Go to your wedding dress fittings, so there is plenty of time for alterations to be made.

Make sure your bridesmaids pick up their dresses, and have their shoes, jewelry and other essentials.

 Start setting up bank accounts, insurance policies and making similar business arrangements as a couple, so everything is already arranged when you leave on your honeymoon.

Work on your wedding vows, and any special readings you wish to have as part of your ceremony.

Make arrangements with the wedding photographer to take some advance photos.

Send a wedding announcement to the newspaper, with a photo of the both the bride and groom.

Decide how to handle the kids that come to the wedding and reception.  You may want to arrange for a babysitter to entertain them.

Get your Marriage License!

Start sending out thank you notes for any wedding gifts that you receive prior to the ceremony.  You will be glad you started early!!

Pick out a guest book and guest book pen.  Have your ceremony program printed.  Send out rehearsal dinner invitations.

If your reception will have a formal dinner, you may decide on a seating arrangement.  Deciding who should sit together can be time consuming.

If you wish, do a trial run of your wedding hairstyle, to make sure you are happy with it and that it works well with your veil.

Work on your wedding song list.  Once you and your fiancé are satisfied, give the playlist to the band or DJ. 

Start the paperwork required to change your name.

Call guests who have not RSVP’d to see if they are attending.  Sometimes, you just have to do this!!  Then confirm your final head count with the caterer.

Compile a list of “must-take” photos for the photographer.

Wrap the gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen.  Don’t forget to get a gift for any children in the wedding, such as the flower girl or ring bearer.

Ask someone to be responsible for taking care of the wedding gifts (and any gift cash) at the end of the reception.  Decide where these items are to be taken … your new home, or your parents’ home … until you return from the honeymoon.

Put together a little emergency kit of handy items such as aspirin, safety pins, mints, extra makeup for touch-ups, etc.

Write out your wedding day agenda or checklist, and have it printed out.  Members of your wedding party, and your out of town guests, will need a copy.

Pack for your honeymoon.  Finally, take a deep breath and try to relax.  You’re almost finished, and will be married soon!

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