Weddings cost $20,000 on average. That is a lot of money to spend on one day and is more than a yearly wage for some people! However, there are many people who choose to have a budget wedding. You may want to spend as little as $5,000 on your big day and it really is possible. The trick is to being tight with your money and doing a lot of searching. It may take time but here are some tips to help you make wedding planning on a budget very possible.

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Keeping your wedding budget to a minimum is possible with some patience

Arrange to Do as Much as Possible Yourself

There is no need to hire someone to do all the work for you. Many couples choose to hire a wedding planner to keep the time and stress to a minimum. The consultant will arrange the vendors and will make sure everything goes to plan but that doesn’t mean the day will stick to your financial constraints. Most planners set their pay at a percentage of the day’s final total so they want it to be as big as possible.

Instead of hiring someone, why not do it all yourself? Arrange the venue without outside help and find the separate vendors. Yes, it may be slightly more stressful but you could always have family members to help you out. Your mum or your partner’s mum could be put in charge of sourcing the cake while the dads are in charge of finding a DJ. You can leave the bigger parts of your wedding day to yourself.

Doing it yourself also involves doing things on the day. Instead of hiring someone to do the food for you, you could make it yourself—especially if you enjoy cooking and baking. The wedding cake could be made wholly by you instead of hiring an expensive bakery. You will soon find that these little things cost much less and your budget wedding becomes more of a reality.

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Look for Cheaper Venues

Look for Cheaper Venues

Do you really need that expensive stately home for your big day? Some people dream of that and if it is within your budget then there is no problem. However, you may find that you can get the same atmosphere by opting for a cheaper venue. Instead of the hotel, which is often decorated for you, consider doing your wedding in your local church hall and arranging the decorations yourself. You could even choose to have a garden party if you can trust the weather will be good enough!

Opting for cheaper venues doesn’t mean your wedding day will be bad. It also doesn’t mean that people will guess that you had a small budget. In fact, many will applaud you for opting for something smaller and affordable instead of blowing all your savings on a big day. You may even find that the scenery is still just as good as, if not better than, the scenery at the stately homes.

Unique and Cheap Wedding Favour Ideas

Have the Budget Wedding in the Afternoon

Full day events cost a lot of money. When it comes to wedding planning on a budget, the best thing you can do is to cut your full day in half. You may be disappointed hearing that at first, until you realise how much less work you have to do in the run up. You only have one meal and one set of invitations to think about. There is no need to worry about those only invited to your evening do being disappointed and hurt that they are not invited to the full event.

It will also help you cut down on cost considerably. You will only need to think about the cost for one meal. The rent for the venue will be half the cost since it is for half the time. Your band or DJ costs can even be less. You will also be able to save money on other areas like the decorations and wedding favours, since you won’t need gifts for those attending a wedding breakfast.

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Have Your Wedding Somewhere Else

One option is to go somewhere else for your wedding day. Destination weddings are very popular with some couples, especially those looking for beautiful weather and their vows to be said on a beach. You can spend the majority of your budget on your flights out there and having a small party with the few people who can attend.

There is no need to worry about a lot of guests to feed. You just need to invite the close people and not everyone may be able to afford it. This will soon see your costs dropping. If you want a party for everyone else afterwards, you can also do a dinner or a small thing at a low cost.

Checking the Wedding Figures
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Check the numbers and consider what you really need at your budget wedding

Keep Your Guests to a Minimum

Do you really need all those family members that you haven’t seen in years? Do you really need the friends from high school that you talk to every now and then on Facebook? Not everyone has to come to your wedding—and not everyone will want to. Keep your guests to a minimum to help you keep your costs down.

You could choose to just have close friends and family and host a dinner somewhere to celebrate your nuptials. You could even just have your bridal party celebrating the time with you. By keeping the guests down, you will not need as big a space and can keep the cost of the food down. You could even avoid all the bigger costs, like the DJ and wedding photographer and other entertainment.

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Find Student Photographers

One thing that we did to keep our wedding costs down was to hire student photographers. We took some risks but we did look at samples before hiring anyone. We have ended up with hundreds of beautiful photos with the people that really mean a lot to us. We also got some excellent shots of the two of us together and with our daughter.

Student photographers keep their costs down because of the risk. Something that would have cost us over $3,000 with professionals cost just less than $1,000. It was well worth the risk, especially with the outcome. The photos were for the full day (including the bride and bridesmaids getting ready) and a photobooth at the end of the night for the guests to have some entertainment and funny pictures.

Wedding planning on a budget is possible. The trick is to taking your time and considering whether you really do need the big things. Is a flashy venue really that important or could you keep the party small with the people who mean the most to you? Set your budget out from the start and be strict with spending to keep your costs to a minimum.