Wedding Program Fan (36756)

Why Wedding Program Fans Are So Special:

This year, an average 2.4 million people will tie the knot. With June and August being the most popular months of the year to get married, there's no doubt that many wedding guests get overheated during the ceremony, especially with the rise in popularity of outdoor weddings.

There is one simple and elegant solution to keep your guests cool, comfortable and focused on you during your big day: wedding program fans. The idea is simple yet so unique and creative that your wedding programs will be talked about as one of the most memorable wedding favors anyone has received.

If you are planning on having an outdoor wedding, or know that your venue has a reputation for being on the warm side, one thing you can expect is that your guests will find a way to fan themselves one way or another. Usually your program ends up being used anyway, so why not have wedding programs pre-made in the shape of fans so people don't fold, bend or tear your expensive work.

Some people choose to offer their guest silk fans, or palm leaves as fans for their guests if they know the temperature is going to be uncomfortable. While the gesture is appreciated, there are two problems with giving out additional fans. First, they are bulky and something extra for your guests to have to keep track of, and secondly many of the men attending your wedding may think they are to feminine or unnecessary. Turning your program itself into a fan solves both of those problems.

Bonus: Other Tips For Keeping Your Guests Cool

1. Offer bottled water to guests as the arrive: Make sure it is plenty cold as it will need to be refreshing all the way through the ceremony. If water bottles seems too tacky, offer a refreshment stand with pitchers of ice water and lemonade and nice glassware.

2. Remind guests to wear light clothing: Be sure to let all of your guests know to expect the temperature to be warm and suggest wearing light clothing. Sometimes, guest feel pressured to wear elegant clothing to weddings which often times requires layers of thick materials. Make sure to include in your invitation what type of clothing people should wear.

3. Use plastic or cloth covered chairs: If you use metal chairs, you risk them heating up in the sun and being too hot for guests to sit on, especially women in skirts, or thin dresses.

4. Provide a "cool" room to guests: Find a location where overheated guests can take a break and find air conditioning. Be sure to let them know about it as you pass out water on their arrival.