Aside from the cake and the food, the wedding guests will probably
pay a great deal of attention to the centerpieces during the wedding
reception. After all, the centerpieces are important items of display
in a table setting, especially during a special occasion such as
weddings. It helps set the theme of the wedding decorations plus
adding extra decorations to the room.  To make your centerpieces
stand out, you have to think of unique wedding reception
centerpiece ideas.


Centerpieces are usually made from candles, candy, flowers, fruit,
and/or party favors. If you want your centerpieces to be unique and
memorable, you can think of quirky wedding reception
centerpiece ideas for your wedding
reception. If you want flowers for your centerpieces, nix the flowers
in a vase idea and go for a big single flower in a clear bowl filled
with water. You can weigh it down with fishing weights glued to the
bottom of the bowl. If you are going to choose candles, you can have
the surface of the candles etched with a special message or you can
choose to add colored pebbles as accents to the candles.


Once you narrow down your wedding reception centerpiece
ideas, you can ask your wedding planner or coordinator to
help you source materials. If you do not have a wedding planner or
coordinator, you can ask your bridal party to help you source
materials instead. You can find a lot of materials for centerpieces
in specialty stores and online retail stores, not to mention florists
and candle makers.


In thinking of your wedding reception centerpiece ideas,
make sure that they compliment your theme and the other decor present
in the wedding reception venue. They should be proportional to the
size of the dining table and they should not be too large so you can
see other people who may be also seated in your table and to make
serving the dishes easier.  Also, avoid scented centerpieces
which may combine with the smell of the food and may irritate some
people. You can opt for something simple or go over the top - the
choice is yours. The only limit is your imagination.