Wedding reception decorations don't have to be expensive to look high end. You can infuse the space with your theme and personality and have your guests thinking that you spent a lot of money when you didn't. Here are a few tips for wedding reception decorations on the cheap.

There are a few rules of thumb about decorating for weddings; such as don't use faux flowers. Sure, floral budgets are astronomical but guests can tell when a flower is fake. Plus, quality fake flowers can cost just as much as real flowers. You can just use fewer flowers or make big impacts in different ways. You can add height to your centerpieces with dramatic curly willows.

Change up where you shop. You don't have to go to a wedding planner to get wedding decor; although this can alleviate a lot of the stress. Instead, just go to the garden section of the store. (You can get really good deals at the end of the season.) You might be able to pick up an archway that you can reuse later in your garden. The same rule applies to screens that you can use in your living room later on.

You can really save a lot of money on Christmas centerpieces. Just try filling a variety of vases and bowls with different ornaments. Keep them all in your wedding colors. Plus, when the wedding is over you'll already have all the Christmas decorations you need for the rest of your life. You can also save money by having your decor multitask. You could decorate a different layer cake for each table and put it on a pretty stand. It's dessert and a centerpiece at the same time. In the above example the guests could also take the ornaments home as favor. You could also use cupcakes on a stand as an elegant centerpiece that the guests can take home afterwards.

Candles are an elegant and cheap alternative to flowers. You want to make sure that your venue allows you to have candles before you go shopping. You can find cute glass candleholders at the dollar store. You can still get a designer look on a budget by making an entire table-scape instead of just using a centerpiece. This involves using a lot of different centerpieces for bigger impact. You can hit the thrift store and buy boxes full of silver candlesticks or glass vases, just make sure they all have something in common such as style or color. This will ensure that your wedding has a unique look that is different from everyone else's.

The indoor tent look is very popular on the wedding scene lately, but it's also very expensive. Instead, try hanging sheer curtains on one wall. You should try to make a big impact with your decorations. This will give you more bang for your buck instead of just focusing on a lot of expensive details that won't get noticed.

Wedding reception decorations should show off your personal sense of style and who you are as a couple. You don't want to regret your wedding afterwards when you look at your bank account. Make responsible choices while still getting what you want with budget friendly ideas.