The wedding reception is where the newlyweds and their families and guests converge and celebrate the a special occasion couples may have planned for a long time. It is therefore just fitting to keep it tastefully decorated.

The trick is not to overdo the decorations. Keep the wedding reception table simple and elegant, with creative touches but nothing too fancy. You want to feature the couple so make sure the tables match their personality and tastes.

Opt for a wedding reception table centerpiece that is easy on the eyes (no gigantic floral arrangements, please) and contribute to a nice ambience. Candles may be a stunningly awesome table centerpiece for evening weddings.

Pretty, multi-colored floating candles that can be placed in a frosted bowl, set off by pillar candles placed in the same table, can further enhance the romantic ambience. Couples may also opt to have colored glass beads at the bottom of a wide but shallow glass bowl of water, where a few candles and rose petals may float.

Other delightful centerpiece ideas for the wedding reception table include: graceful ice sculptures; champagne glasses adorned with ribbons on the stems; mini berriboned wicker baskets with something edible inside; small potted plants wrapped in fabric that complements the wedding motif and tied with a bow, which may also serve as wedding favors for family members and bridesmaids at the end of the celebration.

To complement the tables, use chairback decorations that are just as simple but nice. In lieu of seat covers, use yards of white or ivory tulle accented by a silk rose or hydrangea to transform ordinary chairs into arresting seats. Tie the fabric at the back of each chair and put the floral accent.

You can create a beautiful wedding reception table decorating arrangement yourself without spending too much money. In fact, less is more is usually the rule of thumb here. You don't want too much going on with the tables or it can draw attention away from the bride and she should really be the focus of attention.